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If this is climate change…

Written October 25th, 2013 by Hasso Hering
Any rise in the sea level is not visible to the naked eye.

Any rise in the sea level is not visible to the naked eye.

Climate change and reports — or predictions  — of a dangerous rise in the sea level are in the news almost every day. Yet this preoccupation with climate stories in the media is strangely detached from our everyday experiences. Which raises this question: How come the media keep hammering a theme that does not really concern people in real life because they do not notice its effects — or if the effects are real they are far less meaningful than everyday issues such as surviving in this economy. I wonder about this from time to time, as I did one recent weekend walking on the wet sand of the Yachats River bay. I regret that the strong wind messed up the audio portion of this video. But I was enjoying the beautiful weather, and if climate change had anything to do with that — which it most likely did not — I welcome the change. (hh)

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