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Here’s a message concerning hh-today

Written March 19th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

This is a personal message about hh-today. I started producing stories on this site about seven years ago. And today I was surprised by the nice round number that has been reached.

So here’s a little chat about that milestone:

If it had been exactly seven years, that would make more than 420 stories a year. So you can see, readers who follow the site can expect a new item on most days, sometimes two, though now and then a couple of days go by without something new.

If you want to be notified when a new item is ready, you can try signing up with the email signup feature that is somewhere on the site. And — shameless self promotion coming up — if you want to help with expenses, you can sign up for ad space on the site by clicking the appropriate button or link.

If you’re a regular reader, thanks for hanging in there with me. I’ll try to keep this going for a while longer, maybe as long as my bikes and I last. (hh)

26 responses to “Here’s a message concerning hh-today”

  1. Ginny Jordan says:

    Hasso, Thank you for your insights into the happenings in our little corner of our world!

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for what you do by keeping me informed.

  3. Sherry & Tom says:

    Congratulations on your 3K Blog and we will look forward to more than 3K
    more ahead‼️
    Stay tuned and stay well, friend .
    Sherry & Tom

  4. David Ballard says:

    Thanks for the observations and stories. Perhaps not a substitute for the newspaper but informative local interest pieces nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

  5. Misti says:

    Congrats on the milestone. We read your stories because you provide what we wish the Democrat Herald did… local stories of interest – people, places, things, that effect our community.

    Thank you for continuing to provide that to your followers!

  6. Nate Conroy says:

    Your pieces are a much appreciated service to the community. I feel more aware of and empowered hearing your stores about how things get done around town. The comments are helpful to hear different perspectives. Thank you!

  7. DaleS says:

    Thank you for your regular content, Hasso. You are my primary source for local news and information. If I had something to advertise on your site, I’d be first in line to sign up.

  8. thomas cordier says:

    thanks for “Keeping on” and congrats for your 7th yr milestone

  9. Floyd Collins says:

    I appreciate your dedication to sharing both news idea and community interest issues. You are a trusted source of information. Thank you for your continued service to our community

  10. Rhea Graham says:

    We sincerely appreciate your bringing us the goings-on, as well as the news. Keep up the great work, THANK YOU!!!

  11. Ray Kopczynski says:

    Kudos! – A very nice pair of milestones to be sure! (3000/16000)

    I’m wondering if your software also keeps track of how many folks have actually commented (Notwithstanding its obviously less than the number of comments – and does include its fair-share of noms de plumes)…

  12. MsJ says:

    Congrats on your milestone, Hasso.
    I find your online articles much more candid and interesting than in your Albany D-H days.

    Creative and professional thoughts will continue to be separate entities as per my choice, not someone else’s, just as many others have done.

  13. centrist says:

    Didn’t realize it had been that long. The local beat at first person level is refreshing.
    Keep on keepin’ on

  14. Lorelei Matthews says:

    I really enjoy your articles. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

  15. Sidney Coopet says:

    Congratulations, Hasso. I am and will always be a fan of journalism. I think your coverage of local events is top notch and I appreciate what the Democrat Herald is still doing even with reduced resources. All in all, Albany is pretty lucky to have all this coverage. Now, if only H L Menken were around…

  16. E & L Johnson says:

    We look forward to your blog EVERY DAY.
    Thank you

  17. Mitalene says:

    We definitely need more community based stories like what you provide here. Thank you Hasso & congrats on your milestone!

  18. Peggy Richner says:

    Indeed Mr. Hering, your stories are a refreshing and insightful look into local events in and around Albany. I hope you will continue for many years. Thank you.

  19. Till says:

    Congrats, Hasso! ☺︎

  20. Dave Ferris says:

    Thank you and congratulations! LookIng forward to the next 3000. …that’s a lot of bike rides

  21. Brad says:

    I get nearly all of my local news from you, Hasso. Thanks for doing this!

  22. Judie Weissert says:

    Hasso, congrats on 3k!
    You are the eyes and ears of the Albany community.
    Look forward to many more stories.

  23. Leroy says:

    HH has done so many local interest storys here, and when the ADH was in better hands. You are a respected care giver of Albany and at times other localitys. You have provided the facts as you could gather, to fill us in on what is up, with this or that. I thank you for as long as you are able, to dare to care and share your thoughts

  24. Bill Clotere says:

    Dear Herb Caen, Oh, I mean Hasso, thanks for the great coverage! Really enjoy, all the good coverage! Keep it up!
    Bill and Rae Dean Clotere

    • Ray Kopczynski says:

      For those who may not know, Herb Caen was a *wonderful* columnist for the SF Chronicle back in the day!

  25. Marianne Vandenberg says:

    Congratulations! How fun to see your face and hear your voice almost 60 years later! Keep up the good work! You should write a book!!


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