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Helping the local economy: Here’s how

Written January 2nd, 2013 by

Here’s a pitch for one way in which all of us can help our local economy. It’s not exactly new, but if more of us did this more consistently, local business would be healthier, and with it the employment picture.

From Shawn Dawson: Thanks for the (item) on the No-D-Lay shoe store.  They offer good service, and I have had my shoes resoled at the business just next door to them as well.  As you likely recall, there was a nearby shoe store which used to sell Red Wing shoes, but they went out of business a decade or so ago, there is a ceramic craft store in this old shoe store today.  I was glad to see No-D-Lay pick up the Red Wing brand.

However, when buying my latest shoes, I searched out for a different brand of U.S. made work shoes and found them at Footwear Express (next to Bi-Mart) in Albany, the brand was SAS (San Antonio Shoes) and their web site says they make their shoes by hand in their factory in San Antonio.  They are a quality pair of shoes and are very comfortable and wide (which I need).  My point of this is that while they were not the cheapest (they cost about $170), based on my past experience, they will easily last 10 or more years, so they are worth the money rather than buying cheaper shoes.

My point is that it is important to 1) support local business and 2) buy local or at least U.S or North American made as much as possible.  This is how we keep our economy going and support our friends, family, and neighbors. — Shawn Dawson

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