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Guess what’s back on Waverly Lake

Written May 27th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

I’d been wondering when the Waverly Duck would make its return to its accustomed Albany pond. And on Wednesday afternoon, there it was.

The widow of  its most recent owner donated the giant foam and fiberglass rendition of a wood duck to the city of Albany in early 2017. Then it was refurbished, and three years ago in June, it was returned to Waverly Lake.

Every winter the duck is taken out of the water. And in the spring it is returned.

Going past Waverly Lake on the bike a few times in recent days, I kept looking for it. But in the event, I missed its actual return. So I cannot tell you when, presumably with the help of the Albany Parks Department, it made its return.

All I know is that it’s back, bobbing on the Waverly wavelets in the breeze. (hh)

The story has been edited to correct who donated the duck to the city.

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3 responses to “Guess what’s back on Waverly Lake”

  1. Dala Rouse says:

    The creator, builder and owner of the Waverly Duck was the late Steve Fletcher who owned the Foam Man. When he first built it he got permission from Dave Clark to put in Waverly Lake. When it got in disrepair the city wouldn’t let it be put in the lake and didn’t want to buy it either so Steve sold it. That owner rented it out and tried to get donations to repair what was now his duck. I am sure others have the rest of the story.

  2. Mike Ely says:

    We used to love to see the duck. So glad that it’s back on the lake.

  3. hj.anony1 says:

    Great to see! …but no paddle boats…sigh!


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