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Fighting crime with ‘please’

Written May 29th, 2016 by Hasso Hering


Apparently an optimist, this Albany resident seems to count on the power of “please” to safeguard the roses along the sidewalk. Let’s hope it works.

On a short tandem ride Sunday, we spotted the sign along the east side of Geary Street in the Willamette neighborhood. We didn’t see any flower thieves while we were about, but then again you don’t expect to see any while the sun is up.

But if the thievery occurs at night, would thieves see the sign? Again, let us hope so. And let them act accordingly. After all, the sign said “please.” (hh)

2 responses to “Fighting crime with ‘please’”

  1. hj.anony1 says:

    Please is always the nice way to go. Followed by a heart felt thank you. I don’t see the latter displayed. That said the only hand-made signs I see in my neighborhood are ones requesting pooch owners to pick up after them as they leave their fecal matter.

    Thankfully for this sign displayer, the rose blooming window is much smaller than the never-ending dog waste cycle.

    In the end, “signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs ….”
    -Five Man Acoustical Jam via Tesla cover

    ….again stuck in my head.

  2. George Pugh says:

    I hope the home owner is more successful with this sign than my father (born in 1916) was with his sign telling the chickens to stay off the porch. The aunt who told me that story also said that she told my dad he couldn’t hit the rooster with his bent-barreled BB gun. He did, thus providing unsolicited dinner meat and probably a spanking. I have always hoped that it was one of the offending chickens. Even if I don’t necessarily believe, I like the idea of karma.


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