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Ferry news: Closed for repairs

Written June 7th, 2013 by

ferry closedFor the next few days at least, don’t plan on taking the Buena Vista Ferry. Marion County Public Works posted a notice on its website Thursday morning that the ferry was closed for repairs and a dredging project. The sign near the ferry landing in Buena Vista confirmed it Thursday afternoon when an Albany cyclist happened to see it.

No word on when the repairs and dredging were scheduled to be completed so this historic attraction in the mid-valley can reopen.

There’s been a ferry at Buena Vista since 1852, and in recent decades the operation has continued largely because of the willingness of the Marion County commissioners to keep it going despite the considerable expense. The present vessel, built at a cost of $3.4 million in mostly federal stimulus money, started service in July 2011. Total project cost reached $4.2 million, because the landings were rebuilt as well.

For the latest on when the ferry resumes, check the website of Marion County Public Works. (hh)

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