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Explaining what we see outside the courthouse

Written May 21st, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Workers put up scaffolding on the south side of the Linn County Courthouse on Thursday.

Why are they putting up all that scaffolding at the Linn County Courthouse this week? To gain access to the roof so the roof can be replaced, that’s why.

This is the main part of the courthouse that was completed in 1939, where the roof was last replaced in the early 1990s. The west wing, added in 1969, got a new roof a few years ago.

The job will be done by McDonald & Wetle, a Portland company, which won the contract through competitive bidding with a low bid of about $347,000.

Russ Williams, head of general services for the county, says the company has four weeks to complete the job, but the scheduling is dependent on the weather.

The courthouse is a handsome building and has lasted more than 80 years. Glad to see the county is working to make sure it can serve its purpose for many decades to come. (hh)


6 responses to “Explaining what we see outside the courthouse”

  1. Patrick Quinn says:

    Just curious, with taking the lowest bid, what is the life expectancy of the new roofing they are putting on and is there a “guarantee” period?

  2. Brian Wellington says:

    Amazing a Portland company can outbid a local company with travel expenses, lodging, and per diem! Why does this city no matter what it is, always have a Portland company doing contract work?? Not the best practice for invigorating the local economy!

    • Jordan S. says:

      If the County is anything like the City, all projects must go out to bid unless it will be performed “in house”. This allows the County to remain unbiased towards contractors and gives all a fair chance to win the bid. This is why a Portland-based company won. They provided the lowest bid the provided the county with the product required. I say that they are Portland-based, but more than likely have a satellite shop in Salem, Corvallis, or Eugene. This allows their company to perform work all over Oregon. With people living within 20-30 minutes compared to the hour and a half from Portland lets them also keep costs down, as they do not have to travel and rent rooms.

      Very good business idea on their part, and good on the County for keeping costs low in these time! And who knows, maybe the contractors working on that project might live in Albany, so its a double win!

      • Brian Wellington says:

        That would be quite the roofing contractor to possibly have satelite offices up and down the I-5 corridor.

  3. Bhigby says:

    Hey Hasso, is it true Tic Toc is owned by the Chinese Government? ?

    • Jordan says:

      Hey Bill! TikTok is owned by a Chinese company! The new COO is actually the previous chairman of Walt-Disney International. TikTok was created in response to the popular app Vine, as it was banned in China. As Vine was purchased and shut down, TikTok took off as a similar style of app!

      It is full of funny videos as well as some informational clips! You should give it a try to see what the fuss is all about. :)


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