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Downtown library open Saturdays

Written July 10th, 2017 by Hasso Hering

One of the many virtues of the downtown library: It’s easy to get to on a bike.

I missed the announcement if there was one, so it was a pleasant surprise on Saturday to find the Carnegie Library in downtown Albany open.

Unlike the main library on 14th Avenue, the downtown branch normally is closed on weekends. It opened Saturdays last summer as an experiment. Evidently the test worked out well enough, so this summer you can go there on Saturdays again.

This started in June, though I wasn’t paying enough attention to notice. The Saturday hours are 10-2, and that schedule will be kept up through August, the friendly librarian on duty Saturday told me.

Also on Saturdays, of course, the Albany Farmers’ Market takes place a couple of blocks away, in the parking lot of City Hall. Visiting both the market and the library on a fine summer day — a combination that is hard to beat.

And while you’re climbing the library steps, you might notice — and appreciate — that the steps and part of the building have a new coat of paint. (hh)


One response to “Downtown library open Saturdays”

  1. GothicAlbany says:

    Love this library! Usually I am working when it is open, so it is good to hear it is open on Saturdays. Thanks for the update.


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