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City to Lowe’s: Permit is ready

Written April 28th, 2015 by Hasso Hering
Pickups parked at Lowe's site Tuesday afternoon.

Pickups parked at Lowe’s site Tuesday afternoon.

It looks like things are about to get going on the Albany site where Lowe’s plans to build a 125,000-square-foot home improvement and garden center. The city of Albany’s building permit for the project has been ready since Friday and on Tuesday was still waiting for a company representative to pick it up.

Building Official Gary Stutzman says that for purposes of the permit, the project is valued at $16,045,000. Building permit fees and other charges — mostly other fees including systems development charges — totaled $609,852, according to Stutzman. A chunk of it has already been paid, he says, leaving a bill of $550,104.51 when the permit is picked up.

Among other items, the bill includes $9,300 in state fees, $25,000 in school construction taxes, and about $444,000 in city systems development charges.

After I talked to the city building official¬†on the phone Tuesday afternoon, I drove into town for an errand and passed the Lowe’s site at Ninth Avenue and Oak Street. A couple of pickups, one of them from Pacific Excavation, were parked at the¬†12-acre property off Ninth, and in the distance, three men were walking the site in a light drizzle and consulting what looked like a set of plans.

Under a development agreement with the Albany City Council, Lowe’s is obliged to open the store by New Year’s Eve. (hh)

Checking out the site.

Checking out the site.


2 responses to “City to Lowe’s: Permit is ready”

  1. Ted Salmons says:

    Woo Hoo! Let’s hope they set a land speed record getting this store up and open for business.

  2. Gothic Albany says:

    Now all they need to do is find several 250 year old oak trees, transplant them to re-establish Hackleman’s Grove, and leave town for good.


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