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Bag enforcement? Don’t call the cops

Written January 6th, 2020 by Hasso Hering
grocery sacks

Compliance with HB 2509 in action last week.

The Oregon DEQ sounds pretty stern when it comes to enforcing the new law on checkout bags. But while the City of Albany expects a question or two about this, enforcement sounds pretty much like an issue unlikely to come up.

In a fact sheet about the ban on plastic checkout bags and related provisions, the state says, “A violation of the provisions of HB 2509 is a Class D violation subject to a maximum fine of $250. Class D violations are enforced by law enforcement officers, who may issue a citation to a retailer or restaurant.”

The bag law allows cities to set a different penalty under some provisions of the law, the DEQ says, “so check with local jurisdictions for specific questions about enforcement.”

In his weekly report to the council last week, Albany City Manager Peter Troedsson said this may prompt some questions to the city from citizens and businesses.

“Our response,” he went on, “will stress that 1. The city will have a complaint-based approach (similar to other code compliance issues), and 2. We’ve received no funding from the state for enforcement.”

In short, in the unlikely event that you see what looks like a violation of the plastic-bag ban in Albany, you could call the cops. But who would be mean enough do that? (hh)

6 responses to “Bag enforcement? Don’t call the cops”

  1. Mike Patrick says:

    What about the turtle killing straw ban? Who will enforce that? Perhaps Greenpeace?

  2. Ray Kopczynski says:

    “In short, in the unlikely event that you see what looks like a violation of the plastic-bag ban in Albany, you could call the cops.”

    And it should go to the bottom of their priority list IMHO…but at least it would be “on record.”

  3. Terry says:

    Even the article and conversation on this issue is a waste of time. Get government out of our lives!
    Solve a problem. Fill a pot hole, figure out the PERS fix, log a forest that you are obligated to log……do something useful!

  4. Katherine says:

    This obsession with the plastic bag ban is a waste of time.
    I shop nearly every day and one has complained about it.
    Government does good things and some we all don’t agree with.
    Let’s move on with other more important news worthy articles.

  5. Peggy Richner says:

    Your tax dollars at work. Take a look.


  6. Rob says:

    This law is just another ” feel good” law. 20 years ago it was all about dont kill trees for paper bags. The only real solution is for folks to decide on there own to use some sort of bag that is good for the environment. Laws are not gonna fix the problem and just divert resources from things that we really need. Like drug treatment, homeless issue ect. Both political partys are so far away from the actual needs of the people that they all need to go. I am voting for #throwthebumsout2020


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