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A story? No, just a classic car

Written May 3rd, 2017 by Hasso Hering

Not bad for being 79 years old: A classic Chevy couple parked in Jacksonville, OR.

So I’m tooling around on my bicycle in Southern Oregon. The sun is shining and it’s 88 degrees according to my phone, 92 on an actual thermometer — in May! The sudden sight of a classic car makes me lean the bike against a pole and take a closer look.

If you’re expecting some kind of story here, sorry, no such luck. It’s just that to me, the design of cars of a certain vintage deserves a moment of reflection and appreciation.

You can look at gussied-up Chevrolet coupes from the 1930s on the Internet, all shiny, bright red or even purple. But it’s more of a treat to see the real thing, more or less original, not in perfect shape, though apparently in running order, and elegant in its classic lines.

Online, a fully restored ’38 Chevy coupe may be bought for around $30,000. The ones I happened to see advertised were $34,900 and $24,900, respectively. This one, parked on a street in Jacksonville, had no for-sale sign that I could see. I guess the owner likes his automotive treasure and wants to hang on to it. And I can see why. (hh)

5 responses to “A story? No, just a classic car”

  1. Lois Robinson says:

    We bought a 1951 survivor CADILLAC a few yrs ago..less than 25,000 mi. All original except for tires, battery and a few more hoses. Have paper history from day one on this car…Love sharing Miss Essie’s history at the car shows. I grew up with the same yr, color caddy.

  2. Tony White says:

    Nice car, but I’m not sure I like the publicity. If the Albany City Council finds out about it and learns that it’s old, they’re liable to want to spend $100,000 of CARA money on it to make it a historical monument.

    • Colleen says:

      Except this was in Jacksonville in southern Oregon, not Albany. Otherwise I agree with your comment. Lol.

  3. Gary Hanson says:

    I know exactly how you feel but I still prefer your TD!

  4. centrist says:

    Won’t try to top your story
    Left COSTCO and headed south the other day. Followed a shiny old 4 door, but didn’t recognize the marks. Stopped beside it at Hwy20 lite. It was a Cadillac V16!!!!
    Wish I could have heard it purr away, but the right turn light said move.


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