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A note to commenters: Use a valid address

Written April 1st, 2019 by Hasso Hering

As regular readers know, I have a high tolerance level for comments about stories on this site, even when the comments show a misunderstanding or ignorance of the facts, and sometimes even when they soar so far into rhetorical heights that they leave all rational thought behind. When this happens, I try to respond to the senders’ email address to try to salvage at least part of what they wrote.

An occasion like this arose tonight. And my email came right back with a note from googlemail.com: “Address not found.”

Pseudonyms are allowed in the comment section, as you also know, but phony names from phony addresses are not. I have to be able to reach the people whose comments appear on the site. Now that I’m aware that this sender was hiding not only his name but his address, the comment went into the trash and no more from that source will appear.

This has happened only rarely before. But now I’ll have to start checking whether comments come from valid addresses, especially when pen names are employed. It’s a bit of extra work. But it can’t be helped.

So this is your notice: Please make sure your comments come from a valid email address, so that when a reply is necessary and I copy that address into my reply, my note will go through and won’t come back.

Hasso Hering

4 responses to “A note to commenters: Use a valid address”

  1. Dave S. says:

    For some reason I was not been getting your posts for the last couple of weeks in March via my gmail account.

    No, they were not going to junk mail and I thought maybe you were on vacation. (Ol’ Herring never goes on vacation! :-) ). Then all of a sudden on april 1st or thereabouts, , I’ve started to getting them again. Just thought you’d like to know about this anomaly getting your posts

    • Thanks for the note. There had been a problem with the “database,” I learned from our webmaster, and he set about to fix it. Evidently he did. You were not the only reader affected.

  2. Patricia Eich says:

    I also was not getting your posts so I just signed up again and they are coming now.


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