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A gratuitous plug: What a nice shop!

Written December 22nd, 2013 by Hasso Hering


Louise A. Dorsett-Hinzman, left, and Jeannette French were on duty Sunday afternoon.

Louise A. Dorsett-Hinzman, left, and Jeannette French were on duty Sunday afternoon.

A little shop downtown. No hurrying crowds. A huge selection of gifts, from the practical — well, almost, if you think scented soap from France is practical — to the whimsical. Helpful advice if you want, none if you don’t. (I was in need of some and got it.) Can you imagine a more pleasant store if you’re looking for a little something for the lady in your life? This is an entirely gratuitous, unsolicited and completely non-commercial plug for one such place, at 327 First Ave. W., the address of two businesses operating in the same space. They are Lavender & Lace Etc., where Louise A. Dorsett-Hinzman sells “an eclectic mix if uncommon things,” and “For Yours” Gifts and Home Decor operated by Sue Gates.

Among the many virtues of this downtown establishment is that it is open on some Sundays, as it was on Dec. 22. Another one is the astonishing multitude of “uncommon things” and home accessories you can find there. It’s hard to pick something because as soon as you think you have what you’re looking for, your eyes fall on a dozen other things that might be better or at least as good.

In case you’re a last-minute shopper who still needs to fill out the list with something small but neat, the store is open Monday and until some time in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. (hh)

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