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A dead end? It sure is…

Written June 17th, 2013 by

Ever wonder what happens to a store property near a freeway off-ramp after the off-ramp is closed? A few days ago my bicycle took me to the end of Hoefer Road, which I’m mispronouncing in this video. I’m told the locals say “Hayfer,” though I can’t see how this is justified by the spelling. In any case, the road sign says it’s a “dead end.” But it wasn’t always such. Once it was connected to Interstate 5, and a little business was operating there for people who happened to see the sign and got off the highway. Now take a look at what is left of the place.

From Camron Settlemier, via Facebook on July 15: The locals are right, it is pronounced “Hayfer”. It is because of the Americanization of the original German pronunciation. (We do not spell things Höfer in America).

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