Want to relax? Watch this …

Click on the video and you'll see a whole fleet of not-so-little ducklings in what looks like a feeding frenzy at Albany's Talking Water Gardens. Why show this? In case you need something totally mundane and unexciting to watch.

In fact, if you're looking for a little relaxation, this is a pretty good time to go for a hike, or a bike ride as I did Thursday afternoon, through this constructed system of ponds, weirs and waterfalls. Besides various mother ducks and their offspring, you see all kinds of other birds as well as other wildlife. Turtles are one attraction, and so are frogs. Or maybe they are toads. Hard to tell since only their eyes break the surface as they wait, presumably, for some bug to come within reach.

A duck and a turtle take in some sunshine Thursday afternoon.

A duck and a turtle take in some sunshine Thursday afternoon.

There's a sign at the entrance saying that in April now the water level in the ponds has been lowered for plant maintenance. Presumably that goes for May as well, because the ponds still don't look full. The ducklings, though, don't seem to care as they dive below the surface layer of pond plants in search of something to eat. (hh)

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