Take a look at Albany police site

Here's a closer look at the site where the Albany City Council would like to build a new police headquarters. It's off Pacific Boulevard S.W., just north of the medical office complex north of 29th Avenue. (I wish the place would get an address to make describing it less cumbersome.)

As reported a couple of items below, because of the likely expense the council decided Wednesday (July 23) not to continue to try to obtain land for expanding the existing police station near the jail and sheriff's office on Jackson Street. The next day I went back to the Pacific site, and the video is the result.

The next step is to request proposals for designing the police station, and for that, a decision on the site was necessary. Eventually, the council hopes to ask voters to approve a city bond issue to pay for a substantial part of the police project and for building a larger fire station downtown at the address of the existing Fire Station 11. (hh)

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