Sound advice, suspect grammar

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Living in the glass house that is the writing game, I'm reluctant to throw stones. But sometimes it's just too hard to resist, especially when a heat wave makes it hard to come up with weightier stuff.

Maybe the author of this banner was inspired by the admonition "Drive sober." But in that case, the adjective describes the condition of the driver, not the act of driving itself.

Perhaps the slogan on the banner could be rescued with a word or two: Please, drive and be careful. Naw, I guess not. It wouldn't have the same meaning, let alone the same ring.

On the other hand, maybe the words apply not to traffic but to recreation on the links, urging players not to dawdle. But then it would still benefit from a comma or, better yet, a period: Please drive. Careful! (Lest a drive end up going astray and hitting a bystander or even a passing car on Spring Hill. (hh)

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