Something’s new in Palestine

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You miss things if you do don't get around your neighborhood every few days. For example, here's a new and still unfinished funeral pavilion at the historic North Palestine Cemetery on the outskirts of North Albany.

I had not seen anything of the construction until I took a little ride Wednesday night. The structure is near the site of the old Palestine Church, which Benton County moved to Adair Village about five years ago in the hope of saving and restoring it there.

This graveyard dates from 1898, as the lettering on the shelter says, and is still very much in business. A sign on the inside wall says plots are priced at $800, and it lists the people to reach if you want to buy one.

As you can see below, there's a sweeping view of the Willamette Valley from the handsome new shelter, a view that may comfort grieving relatives who gather there. (hh)

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