Wrong rebates in Oregon road bill

Used bikes, like these at an Albany swap meet, would be exempt from the excise tax.

House Bill 2017, the road transportation bill concocted by a committee of the legislature, would hit buyers of new bikes costing $200 or more with a $15 sales tax. But if legislators were serious about solving transportation issues, those buyers should get a rebate instead. Continue reading

Neighbors appeal NA apartments

The notice below the sign announces a July 10 public hearing on the Hickory Hollow project.

Building apartments in North Albany is tougher than the zoning makes it appear, as shown by an appeal against the first such project the city staff has approved. Continue reading

The flaws in the cell phone ban

Taking shots like this would be illegal with a phone, but OK with an old-fashioned camera.

Albany Rep. Andy Olson's bill against distracted driving caused by cell phone use has been much amended and now has cleared the Senate. But it still has one problem: It makes no sense. Continue reading

A big day for the Waverly Duck

That was quite a celebration, the launching Thursday of Albany's Waverly Duck in the pond for which it was named. Continue reading

Albany flap: Inclusion vs. harmony

Javier Cervantes, left, and Graham Kislingbury of the Human Relations Commission appear before the Albany City Council Wednesday night.

Harmony evidently is not good enough as a goal, so Albany's Human Relations Commission wants a change in its official mission to include striving for "diversity, equity and inclusion." The city council's response on Wednesday: "Not so fast." Continue reading

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