New trees downtown: More to come

Just planted on Washington Street, these trees came in a respectable size.

As you know, trees were cut down in February along several downtown Albany streets. But some are already being replaced with new ones. In the end, this project to enhance the "streetscape" will add more trees than we had before. Continue reading

Green light for M’burg truck stop

Jefferson Highway near the ramps of I-5 northbound, where Love's will construct improvements.

It's all set now: The Millersburg City Council has approved an agreement paving the way for Love's to build its planned truck stop, and the Oregon Department of Transportation's appeal blocking the project has been withdrawn. Continue reading

Mobile phone crackdown: Questions

With a built-in phone, finding the right button takes your eyes off the road.

State Reps. Andy Olson of Albany, Dan Rayfield of Corvallis, and a few other legislators want Oregon to get tougher on distracted driving caused by handling mobile phones. But their bill on that issue has problems, and it's not clear that passing it would have the desired effect. Continue reading

No hope: One senator per county

Oregon counties and their votes for president last November.

Oregon is not about to change its constitution to resemble the federal system of allocating delegates to the state legislature. But the map above shows why in the red counties, including Linn, sentiment for doing so keeps popping up. Continue reading

Goal in NA rezoning bid: Housing

As the sign says, a public hearing on the zone change north of Pleasant Way will be held March 6.

A proposed zone change would allow a 12.7-acre tract of woodlands and vacant land in North Albany to be built up for a wide range of uses, but the applicant says he is thinking along the lines of attached housing for seniors and families.  Continue reading

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