Traffic-easing solutions worth trying

Highway 20 at Spring Hill Drive, a little after 5 p.m. on March 30.

See that long line of traffic on the other side of the signal, heading into Albany on Highway 20? The traffic jam extended a long way to the west, and it's a common thing now on most afternoons. There is no easy solution -- other than less traffic -- but ODOT might help by making adjustments to the signals downtown. Continue reading

Riverbank under trash attack again

View from the bike on the Dave Clark Path: There's a big new mess down there.

Once again the Willamette riverbank off the Dave Clark Path in Albany has been trashed. This seems to be a regular thing, and the vandals responsible deserve to spend some time in jail. Continue reading

‘Hickory Hollow’ site plan filed

The barricade marks what will be the west entry to the Hickory Hollow apartments.

A Salem company has filed a site plan application for "Hickory Hollow," a 48-unit apartment complex off Hickory Street N.W., the first of its kind in North Albany. The filing follows a meeting in January, when neighbors voiced their concerns. Continue reading

Where the old church might end up

If the old Main Street church in Albany is going to be moved, it might go to one of three possible city-owned sites, members of Mayor Sharon Konopa's work group on "historic properties" have suggested. Continue reading

What we’ve been waiting for: Wendy’s

Ashley Fagan on Monday lets passing traffic know that Wendy's, on Pacific in Albany, is open again.

In case you missed the news, fellow fans of Wendy's chili, the Albany franchise of the famous fast-food chain is back in business. Continue reading

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