PO move? City panel eyes 2 sites

Albany Mayor Sharon Konopa and, from left, Assistant City Manager Jorge Salinas and Councilmen Mike Sykes and Dick Olsen look at maps of potential post office sites, in green, on Monday.

Nobody knows yet if the Postal Service would consider moving its Albany office, but a city committee intends to approach the federal agency with at least a couple of proposals at potential sites. Continue reading

What’s ‘wrong’ with this scene?

There's not much to say about this Albany highway sign, except that, well, this does look like the wrong way to attach a sign. Continue reading

Albany may vote on 5-cent gas tax

The pavement on a segment of 12th Avenue S.W., one evening in April 2016.

Albany seems to be headed for an election on a local fuel tax of 5 cents a gallon this November, judging by the city council's discussion Monday. The tax might raise about $1.25 million a year for street repairs. Continue reading

Bills: Deer control and roadkills

This little doe and her family wander past my window outside of Albany on most days, and seeing them reminds me of one legislator's attempt to solve a couple of problems: Too many deer in some cities, and deer killed in traffic being left on the roads. Continue reading

Downtown dig: Getting through it

This section of Second Avenue is one of the streets to be rebuilt.

Sections of six downtown Albany streets will be torn up and rebuilt this summer, and businesses are worried. But the contractor will be required to avoid or minimize any disruptions of traffic or special events. Continue reading

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