Carbon tax: What it’ll cost

Filling up would cost substantially more if Oregon imposes a carbon tax, as Democrats intend.

Democrats in the legislature are set to adopt a thinly disguised carbon tax when they meet in February. They haven't said what this will cost everybody, but they should. Continue reading

Red-light violations: Let’s check

Why am I sitting in my truck in the rain, watching the intersection of Queen and Geary from the parking lot of the Geary Street Clinic?  I'm trying to time the yellow signal light because the subject came up before the city council this week. Continue reading

Smart meters about to arrive

A man from Aclara, Pacific Power's contractor, installs a smart meter at an apartment house in Independence. (Pacific Power photo)

So-called smart electric meters are coming to our houses and businesses in the mid-valley starting next month, whether anybody needs one or not. Continue reading

Work upgrades trestle on P&W line

The trestle bridge repairs as they appeared on Monday afternoon, looking west from Bryant Way.

For weeks there's been heavy construction on the Portland & Western's long trestle bridge across the Calapooia River and its floodplain outside Albany. The work is upgrading and strengthening the structure and will probably make it last many decades more. Continue reading

The cleanup never ends

This was the scene under the Pacific Boulevard viaduct on Wednesday, Jan. 17.

The wasteland under the Pacific Boulevard viaduct is not exactly Albany's garden spot. Vagrants have turned it into a dump where repeated cleanups have to be done. Continue reading

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