What time change? Just say no

Let's enjoy daylight like this while we can and not worry about the time change, dumb though it may be.

Rather than fulminate against the coming switch back to standard time, how about this for a change: Let's try to ignore it. Continue reading

That’s supposed to be safer?

See anything coming? No? I didn't either and almost got clipped by a passing rig.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, remember the reason why Albany city officials imposed back-in parking on Second Avenue outside the post office? Continue reading

Here they are again, the little …

The dreaded box elder bugs are making their annual appearance in the mid-valley again this fall, though not in overwhelming numbers as far as I can see. Continue reading

Changes in bus system proposed

An Albany Transit System bus heads south on Washington Street on the afternoon of Oct. 27.

A plan worked out by consultants calls for changes in the Albany bus system to make the service more reliably punctual. It also proposes an expansion of the system years from now. Continue reading

It’s a 17-hole course for now

It's kind of tough at the moment to play this basket on the Bryant Park disc golf course.

Nobody was standing under this Bryant Park tree when the trunk snapped during the recent wind storm. But one of the baskets of the disc golf course was. Continue reading

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