Council: No roundabout on Gibson

One evening last year, east-bound traffic on Gibson Hill waits for a car turning left on Crocker Lane.

Reversing a decision it made a year ago, the Albany City Council now says it does not want a full roundabout at the junction of Gibson Hill Road and Crocker Lane in North Albany. Continue reading

Weekly yard debris? Not in Albany

Mayor Sharon Konopa was in favor of weekly yard debris service, but the council again voted it down.

For the second time, the Albany City Council has rejected Republic Services' proposal to collect yard debris weekly instead of every other week. The council majority didn't think it was right to impose extra expense on people who don't need the more frequent service, especially since customers can obtain a second yard waste cart now if they're willing to pay $9 more per month. Continue reading

A tribute: Why we have bike lanes

The Stathos memorial bikeway, the shoulder of the road out of Medford, looks much the same as when it was dedicated in 1979.

Albany has a pretty good network of bike lanes and trails, and a 1971 law known as the Oregon Bike Bill is the main reason why. So here's my periodic tribute to the legacy of the late Donald L. Stathos, the Republican legislator from Jackson County who authored that bill. Continue reading

Bowers Rock: County is trying

Sunshine and dry weather meant it was time for my annual visit to Bowers Rock State Park. The park is a good place to see natural open space along the Willamette River. And it's still hard to get to because there's no easy place to park and the only access road tries to keep the public out. Continue reading

NA zoning case goes to council

Behind this barrier on Pleasant View Way N.W. lies the 12.7 acres at issue in the zoning appeal before the Albany City Council on May 24.

The Albany City Council faces a tough choice next week in the appeal of a controversial zoning proposal. A developer from Portland wants property in North Albany to be rezoned for a housing project, and neighbors have vehemently objected. The council has to take one side or the other. Continue reading

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