Swifts so far avoid new roost

The swift tower near the Pacific Boulevard viaduct at dusk on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Migrating swifts have been spending nights in various Albany chimneys, according to people who have seen them, but not in the structure especially built for them a year ago. Continue reading

About litter and plastic bags

Finding this bit of litter in a pile of leaves in our yard today prompted me to consider, once again, plastic bags and whether they should be banned. My answer: No, they shouldn't because they are useful, but we all should be more careful when we put them in the trash. Continue reading

Old gas station site gets attention

Technicians take readings Thursday at a monitoring well near the former gas station site at 3110 Pacific Blvd. S.E.

A flurry of Facebook chatter in late August has prompted Albany city officials to take note of a former gas station site on Southeast Pacific Boulevard. Mayor Sharon Konopa says she would like the property better maintained or redeveloped. Continue reading

Phone use banned and what else?

Photographing your speedometer at 63 mph apparently will remain legal as long as it's not done with a "mobile electronic device."

ODOT has put out a one-page "distracted driving fact sheet." Unfortunately it does not clarify what was left unclear by the lengthy process in the 2017 legislature of drafting and amending and finally passing House Bill 2597. Continue reading

Follow-up: M’burg fire decision

So, following Tuesday night's public hearing at Millersburg City Hall, what did the city council decide about future fire service in the town? Continue reading

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