Truck stop work: Not yet, but soon

Still unmarked by construction activity Sunday: The I-5 northbound off-ramp on the Jefferson Highway.

It takes a while to get legions of ODOT officials to sign off on the details of work on the highway system, which explains why nothing has yet happened on construction of a Love's truck stop in Millersburg. But the wait is due to end next month. Continue reading

Poker room ban? Not this time

Passing this poker room on Old Salem Road on a bike ride Sunday, I naturally wondered whatever happened to the legislature's attempt to shut down places like this? As it turns out, the bill what would have banned private poker clubs died at the end of May. Continue reading

A change of scenery across Sixth

This is not news, but for the first time Sunday I noticed how Albany's new Fire Station 11 has changed the view down Sixth Avenue. Continue reading

Albany mayor: Down with weeds!

Who's supposed to take care of this wilderness between Seventh Avenue and the Union Pacific right of way?

The trouble with springtime, as we all know, is weeds. And trying to keep weeds from growing is a battle that cannot be won. But the Albany mayor would like somebody at least to try where city streets are concerned. Continue reading

Albany’s almost forgotten park

Bracketed by two electrical power substations, the entrance to this Albany park would be easy to miss if not for the big sign on Queen Avenue S.W. Continue reading

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