Water and Hill: What’s going on

At Water and Hill, the intersection was closed to traffic while work continued on Jan. 12.

On the Albany riverfront, the intersection of Water Avenue and Hill Street has been torn up for weeks. It's being rebuilt to make it look like the corner of Water and Jackson Street five blocks to the west, and you may wonder what's behind this and why. Continue reading

City receives more marijuana tax

Outside one of Albany's three state-licensed marijuana retailers.

Albany has received its second distribution of marijuana taxes, and the amount, while nothing to sneeze at, is underwhelming in comparison to city finances overall. Continue reading

Albany car store has new owner

General Manager Mark J. Patrzik in his office at Albany Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram on Friday afternoon.

Readers kept asking about changes at one of Albany's remaining new-car dealerships, and Friday I finally got around to finding out what's what. Continue reading

Look at what’s not there

What you don't see here is the discarded Christmas tree that had been waiting on the verge for the past two trash days. It's gone because Republic Services picked it up today, the regular trash pickup day in our neighborhood. Continue reading

Bottle Bill: More empties to return

At 2:43 p.m. on Jan. 9, the Albany Bottle Drop looks like it has as much business as it can handle.

Oregon has expanded its "Bottle Bill" deposit law to include more containers, and I've been wondering whether the system to redeem the empties can handle the additional load. Continue reading

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