Wayfinding price found way too stiff

Directional signs like this one would be replaced with much fancier ones under a plan being considered by CARA.

Most members of Albany's urban renewal board want to install "wayfinding signs" downtown to point out the sights. But they're not about to pay anything close to $300,000 -- which was one estimate -- to get it done. Continue reading

Finding a bikeway route that works

Dreaming of sunny bike paths (like this one in Orange County) while following the local planning in this winter's rain.

A planning committee in Benton County has been looking for the best feasible route for a potential bikeway between Albany and Corvallis. A couple of weeks ago it picked three alternatives for closer attention. But two of the three look impractical, at least to me. Continue reading

Group explores moving old church

The old church at Main Street and Santiam Road.

The Albany mayor's work group studying the future of an historic church at Main Street and Santiam Road now is looking into having the structure moved rather than fixed up in place or, presumably, demolished. That's according to a summary of the group's discussion Monday. Continue reading

Taking guns from violent men

Merchandise on display at a gun show at the Linn County Expo Center on March 4.

Guns are on the minds of Oregon legislators again this year, judging by the number of bills introduced so far. Some would relax the restrictions on gun transfers and have no chance with the Democratic majority. Others would tighten restrictions or add new ones. Continue reading

NA rezoning? What happens next

The pending zoning issue affects land behind this barricade at the end of Pleasant Way.

Last week's Albany Planning Commission hearing on a North Albany zone change ended without resolution because the commission voted to keep the record open for additional testimony. So what happens next? Continue reading

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