Vagrants, vandals ruining new path

The rules are plainly posted at the path entrance near Albany Station.

Applying park regulations to a path is one thing. Making them stick is something else. Take a look, for example, at the path alongside the Union Pacific right-of-way from Albany Station to Swanson Park. Take a look and be dismayed. Continue reading

Cities now can fight urban deer

They were just browsing and passing through a front yard in Jacksonville, OR, this morning.

Albany may not have a problem with too many deer, but some Oregon cities apparently do. To help them, the legislature passed Senate Bill 373, which calls for a way to get rid of some of those urban deer. Continue reading

Repairs and paint downtown

Workers started on the top of the Knights of Pythias Building on July 8.

Structures in downtown Albany are getting dressed up this summer with urban renewal help from CARA, the Central Albany Revitalization Area. Continue reading

Millersburg reload hub: Next steps

The old truck scales on the International Paper property in Millersburg. (The photo is from February.)

Things have been strangely silent since I reported on July 6 on the $25 million allocation for a possible Millersburg intermodal shipping hub that Rep. Andy Olson got approved as part of the legislature's transportation law. But it won't be quiet long. Continue reading

‘Rain tax’? This case proves it

John Robinson's storage business on Davidson Street borders the Union Pacific main line.

John Robinson has to pay Albany's rain tax on property he owns even though it does not drain to any city system. His case illustrates that what the city calls a storm water utility charge is not a service fee but in fact a tax. Continue reading

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