Paddling permit bill still alive?

Under HB 2320 you would need a permit to use a nonmotorized boat like this on the Willamette and other Oregon waters.

I didn't think the canoe permit bill would get very far in the 2017 Oregon legislature, but Rep. Knute Buehler has just launched a petition against it on Facebook, so maybe this attempt at regulatory overreach is still alive. Continue reading

Sunrise Park: Renovation in sight

Sunrise Park on the afternoon of Easter Sunday. The structures will be removed and the playground replaced.

The renovation of Sunrise Park, first considered in 2013, is finally scheduled to take place this year now that the city of Albany has obtained the required permits and spent $38,000 in federal antipoverty grant money to make up for the loss of a patch of so-called "wetlands." Continue reading

Samaritan has eye on Millersburg

The Samaritan logo, a familiar sight all over the mid-valley. (This one's in North Albany.)

Samaritan Health Services may be cutting back on expenses, but it's also looking to the future, and it sees part of that future in Millersburg. That's according to a proposed three-way property-and-road agreement between the city of Millersburg, Samaritan and Linn County. Continue reading

How wetland rules waste money

Here's an example of how Oregon's effort to protect so-called wetlands goes too far and requires the spending of public money without accomplishing any actual wetland protection. I came across it on a bike ride on Riverside Drive just outside of Albany. Continue reading

Hot protest gets appellant nowhere

Shane Lemco before the Albany City Council on Wednesday night.

It doesn't happen often that the Albany mayor and council lose patience with someone appearing before them, but they did on Wednesday after an applicant for a park reservation loudly lectured them for about 20 minutes about due process and his rights. Continue reading

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