How to reduce crossing waits

Mid-day on March 15: The switching engine was moving left and then stopped, yet the gates remained down.

One little change in operations would reduce the number of traffic delays at Albany's Queen Avenue railroad crossing, and thus cut down on complaints about long waits as well. Continue reading

The same old Interstate Blues

On I-5 in southern Oregon on a recent afternoon.

Without trucks we wouldn't eat, or have many of the things we do have. I know that. Truckers are making a living. I know that too. But do they really have to pass each other all that much, holding up the rest of the traffic on I-5? Continue reading

Rebuilding Sunrise and two streets

Sunrise Park on Thursday. It will be partially renovated under a contract approved by the city council Wednesday.

Sunrise Park and sections of two major streets --- Hill and Oak -- are about to be rebuilt, totaling more than $3 million in city public works spending in South Albany this year. Continue reading

Vagrancy laws stall at city council

In January 2017, a man parked his belongings outside City Hall while he went upstairs for some rest.

A proposed crackdown on crime and other problems associated with vagrancy in Albany turned into a public debate before the Albany City Council Wednesday about what to do -- and not to do -- about the homeless. Continue reading

A new dialysis clinic in Albany

One of the drawings submitted with the site plan for a new dialysis clinic off Pacific Boulevard.

The Albany Community Development Department is reviewing plans for a new medical building which, according to the drawings, will house a dialysis center, part of a large nationwide chain. Continue reading

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