Millersburg panel OKs truck stop

Where the tuck stop is planned (photographed in between snow events).

Unless there's an appeal by opponents or some other hitch, the mid-valley will likely have a new truck stop just north of Albany before the year is out. The Millersburg Planning Commission approved the site plan for a "Love's Travel Stop and Country Store" on Tuesday night.

Some residents of Millersburg (population 1,730, according to the latest official estimate) are opposed to the truck stop, worried that it will detract from the peace and quiet and the family atmosphere of the fast-growing residential community. But in the "limited industrial" zone where Love's plans to build, a truck stop is a permitted use, and all that's necessary is for the city to review the site plan for compliance with requirements of its development code.

I didn't make it to Millersburg for the meeting. But I inquired this morning, and City Administrator Barbara Castillo replied: "The Love’s Truck Stop was approved unanimously by the Millersburg Planning Commission last night. If no one appeals that decision, it is a done deal."

Love's operates truck stops around the country. In its Millersburg application it said, "Construction on the project is expected to start following the approval of the construction plans in the spring of 2017 and may be completed by the end of 2017."

The facility is planned for a 12-acre property on the east side of Old Salem Road a few hundred feet south of the south Jefferson interchange on I-5. Five warehouse buildings on the site will be demolished, to be replaced by the store including fast-food service, fueling islands for trucks and cars, driveways, landscaping and 153 parking slots, 78 for trucks and 75 for passenger vehicles. (hh)


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