Mealtime for the squirrel

Taking a break from the issues of the day, let's turn to the serious business of cracking these nuts. Mr. Squirrel is an appreciative customer, but he does not have all day to wait.

If for any reason you feel the urge to crack walnuts, the sensible thing is to use a hammer or even, if you must, a nutcracker. But what fun is that?

So my preferred method is to shoot them -- with a pellet pistol at a distance of about five yards. On the video, though, for the sake of making the result visible, the distance is more or less point-blank range, hardly a challenge. (If you do want a challenge, try hitting a hazelnut.)

Regardless of the degree of difficulty of the shots, there's a brown squirrel in the yard that seems to wait for the popping of the airgun. It means his daily ration is about to be ready. Having him for a customer is useful. It means that no matter what it looks like, shooting nuts in the yard is not completely nuts. No, I'm making sure the local wildlife has something to eat. (hh)

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