Hate to see that start again

That's the last thing Albany's struggling downtown needs -- taggers. And yet here we are, on Monday afternoon, looking across Second Avenue near Ellsworth, where somebody with a can of red spray paint had gone to work on a cabinet holding, presumably, traffic signal controls.

Similar bits of vandalism have shown up the last few days on the riverside Dave Clark Path. I can't imagine the motivation for defacing blank walls or concrete paths. Surely taggers don't flatter themselves that they are making "street art."

On the riverside path, the lights installed last year at great expense were supposed to discourage trouble. But evidently not. Downtown, on the other hand, these long nights are pretty dark until new street lights are energized in a few months. Perhaps this emboldens people who are up to no good.

For a while, after the last round of tagging was cleaned up or painted over, this sort of thing was largely absent from Albany's old town and riverfront. Now it's back. May whoever is responsible be caught and forced to clean up the mess he made. Or may he move on and find something better to do. (hh)

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