Farmers’ market: Awaiting next spring

The sun came out for the end of the Albany Farmers' Market season.

The sun came out for the last day of the Albany Farmers' Market 2014 season.

You'll have to wait a few months if you want to get some stuff at the weekly farmers' market in Albany. The Saturday market finished its season this week. And if the usual schedule is followed again in 2015, it will reopen in April.

I've admired the producers from around the valley for sticking with the Albany Saturday market well past the summer. Most recently, the weather on Saturday mornings has not exactly been an invitation to stand outdoors for a few hours -- albeit under canopies in most cases -- and hope for customers to show up.

Through the fall, the number of vendors shrank as the weather turned more and more unfriendly. But more than a handful, faithful to the end, kept showing up as scheduled and set up their stands, offering seasonal produce and other good stuff. (Hazelnuts, for example, though around here most people insist on calling them filberts.)

Today (Nov. 22)  was the last day of the market's season. As a sign pointed out, the Corvallis  farmers' market will carry on through the winter, thankfully indoors. But fans of the Albany market look forward to its return next spring. (hh)



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