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Yet another worry?

Here’s something else to worry about. Or maybe not. “The Week,” a news weekly, reports on a new study suggesting that the Earth’s magnetic field may disappear in maybe 500 years. This, it says, might allow more solar radiation to reach the surface of the… Continue reading


Oops, ballots came out early

Benton County voters got their general election ballots a couple of days early because the Salem Post Office jumped the gun. I learned this after reporting Thursday night that for me, the election was over. How come, a kind reader asked by email. She didn’t… Continue reading


Campaigns can stop now

My election is over. As far as I’m concerned, the candidates and the campaign committees can stop now. They can quit running TV ads. They can quit calling. My ballot has been filled out. It’s been stuck in its “secrecy” envelope and sealed, and it’s… Continue reading


A whopping campaign contribution

His latest campaign finance report shows a whopping contribution of $75,000 in cash to state Rep. Andy Olson of Albany, the current Republican leader in the Oregon House who is seeking his fifth term. The contribution came from Loren Parks, owner of an Oregon company that… Continue reading


Debates questioned

Tuesday’s debate between Obama and Romney showed once again why events of this kind are a poor way of picking a president. The commentators were delighted that the candidates went “toe to toe.” That there was sharp disagreement. That they accused each other of lying.… Continue reading

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