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Cable barrier: We have to wait

A week ago I reported on the $2.6 million cable barrier project in the median of Interstate 5 in Lane and Linn counties, from the Harrisburg exit south for 35 miles. I wondered whether ODOT had any plans to extend that feature north, where some… Continue reading


The rising price of disposal

Getting rid of refuse is getting more costly everywhere. In Albany, the price of trash collection jumped more than 10 percent from July 2011 to July 2012. Come January, it will go up again, by 3.6 percent. That makes for roughly a 14 percent jump… Continue reading


Doping and us

So what exactly is wrong with performance-enhancing drugs, so-called? I’ve been wondering about that since the Lance Armstrong story unraveled. If we take something to help us stay awake while driving, or to give us extra energy at work, or to power us through a… Continue reading


Yet another worry?

Here’s something else to worry about. Or maybe not. “The Week,” a news weekly, reports on a new study suggesting that the Earth’s magnetic field may disappear in maybe 500 years. This, it says, might allow more solar radiation to reach the surface of the… Continue reading


Oops, ballots came out early

Benton County voters got their general election ballots a couple of days early because the Salem Post Office jumped the gun. I learned this after reporting Thursday night that for me, the election was over. How come, a kind reader asked by email. She didn’t… Continue reading

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