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Post office in former Safeway?

Empty business buildings around town were tossed around as possible locations if the city gets the Albany Post Office to move, and the former Safeway at Calapooia Street and Pacific Boulevard, with ample parking, emerged as the leading candidate.

Behold new ‘Century’ downtown

Whoever built it in 1905 called it the Century Building, maybe hoping the 20th would be a great one. Now the building on Albany’s First Avenue has been given a new look that manages to restore the simple elegance it may once have had.

Back-in parking: A matter of inches

So how’s Albany’s new back-in angled parking working out? OK, I guess, but I’m getting a little worried about the new trees the city just paid to have planted.

Riverside bike link getting closer

This may be the year that Linn County follows through on its plan to widen the shoulders of Riverside Drive, making it a better route for bicyclists connecting with the new path alongside Highway 34 on the way to Corvallis.

Commission denies NA zone change

It took only a few minutes Monday for the Albany Planning Commission to turn down a North Albany rezoning request that had drawn opposition from scores of nearby residents and property owners.

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