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River’s rise closes Bryant Park

Now we know it’s fall. The drive through Albany’s Bryant Park, at the confluence of the Willamette and Calapooia rivers, has been closed to motor traffic because of high water. A city worker closed the gates on the park’s entrance and exit Wednesday afternoon. Running… Continue reading


Albany scene: Art outside City Hall

Checking out an addition on Albany’s City Hall: It looks a little like a flag,


Albany’s CARA: In search of direction

Albany’s downtown urban renewal district is working once again to define what it wants to do from now on, and how. Earlier this year the city council, acting as the governing board of the Central Albany Revitalization Agency or CARA, put several pending projects on… Continue reading


Next flood: Gates on Bryant Way

Next time high water sloshes across Bryant Way outside of Albany, it should be easier to keep drivers from getting into trouble there. Linn County Road Department crews on Monday were installing gates that can be closed to keep traffic out. The trouble comes in… Continue reading


City poised to lower restriping fee

Did you know that if you have a parking lot in the city of Albany and want to repaint the stripes, you have to have a city permit? Some businesses and striping contractors apparently didn’t know this either, and they don’t like it, the city… Continue reading

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