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Albany Lowe’s beginning to stir

Lowe’s appears to be about to get started on its long-awaited home improvement center at Ninth Avenue and Oak Street in Albany. And as usual, regulatory compliance has to be obtained. As reported by city Public Works Director Mark Shepard, a consultant for Lowe’s has… Continue reading


Dog case: Not another Blue

The city of Albany faces a potential dog dilemma, but it’s nothing like the uproar about Blue. You may recall that Blue was facing euthanasia in 2011 after biting a toddler, while his owner and supporters fought to keep him alive. The battle ended when… Continue reading


Private liquor sales? Not yet

Hard liquor on sale at Walmart? That’s what the ad insert in the paper on Sunday said. But it isn’t so, I’m pretty sure, at Walmart stores in Oregon. For decades, Oregon has guarded its monopoly on selling spirits through state-licensed agents and stores. Some… Continue reading


Warm welcome for new chief

Albany’s new chief of police got quite a welcome on Friday. The council chamber at City Hall was filled nearly to capacity as Mario Lattanzio, 47, took the oath of office administered by City Clerk Mary Dibble. The job will pay him roughly $137,000 a… Continue reading


Ferry update: It’s running

On June 7 this site reported that the Buena Vista Ferry on the Willamette River was shut down because of some impending dredging. The good news today: The ferry is back in operation, providing its valuable service to mind-valley commuters, farmers and tourists alike. If there was… Continue reading

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