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Phone use banned and what else?

ODOT has put out a one-page “distracted driving fact sheet.” Unfortunately it does not clarify what was left unclear by the lengthy process in the 2017 legislature of drafting and amending and finally passing House Bill 2597.


Follow-up: M’burg fire decision

So, following Tuesday night’s public hearing at Millersburg City Hall, what did the city council decide about future fire service in the town?


Old church move up in the air

Three members of the Albany City Council say they don’t want tax money spent on moving the former Cumberland Presbyterian Church and restoring it as a community center. That leaves the fate of this project up in the air or, more to the point, up… Continue reading


Millersburg: Change fire service?

Millersburg is considering making a change in its arrangement for fire protection, and Albany, being its bigger neighbor, has a more than passing interest in the change.


Directions: The fix that wasn’t

Compass directions are a continuing challenge to the makers of this interesting sign, which tells visitors what’s what in the historic Masonic Cemetery off Albany’s Broadway Street.

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