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Crossing update on Riverside

And finally tonight, this update: A crew working for the Portland & Western Railroad spent Thursday tearing out the bumpy pavement at the Riverside Drive crossing and putting down new asphalt.


Woodland Square on track to start

The transformation of Woodland Square, the dilapidated trailer park on Periwinkle Creek in Albany’s Willamette Neighborhood, is about to start in earnest. Seventeen trailers used to be there, and only two remain. “Both these folks have places to go,” says Julie Garver of Innovative Housing… Continue reading


Power failure: What caused it

A crew was working at Pacific Power’s Hazelwood substation in West Albany Thursday, installing a modern breaker to replace one that suffered a “catastrophic failure” on Monday afternoon, causing a widespread power outage in Albany and Corvallis. To learn more about the cause, I talked… Continue reading


Life in a railroad town

Pity the poor people who do not live in railroad towns. They miss the fun of sitting at a crossing and watching a freight rumble past.


‘Canna’ operation changes course

It was Canna Kitchen whose existence indirectly led to marijuana dispensaries being allowed in Albany rather than banned for up to a year. But the mother and daughter running the business say they’ve changed their mind and now will not operate as a state-registered dispensary… Continue reading

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