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Hare’s case heads for appeal

An administrative law judge for the state Elections Division has upheld — big surprise! — the agency’s $75 fine against Albany City Manager Wes Hare for reminding voters last fall that an election was taking place. Now it’s up to the Oregon appellate courts to… Continue reading


Let CARA do its job: Revival

CARA, Albany’s downtown urban renewal district, will hold a public open house Wednesday (June 4) to collect suggestions on which “public infrastructure” projects it should pursue. But hanging over the agency now is the proposal to use its funding to help pay for the central fire station… Continue reading


Hands off Bloom Lane, except …

Here, take a look at Bloom Lane. You can see why all the property owners and residents would like the city government to keep its hands off their quiet little dead-end street in North Albany. They don’t want it widened or “improved” with curbs, gutters… Continue reading


Off Oregon, floating windmills

You have to pay attention all the time or you miss important stories. One of the stories I missed this month was the announcement on May 8 that the federal Energy Department would pour $47 million into the construction of a floating wind farm off… Continue reading


Albany dog park: The spot

What’s new on the plan to fence in an area for dogs at Albany’s Timber Linn Park? At last report, in this space on May 6, Parks and Recreation Director Ed Hodney said he had settled on Timber Linn as the place but had not… Continue reading

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