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Gov’t shutdown? No, water emergency

The federal budget impasse was not enough to shut down the Social Security office in Albany. But on Thursday (Oct. 10) a utility problem did. Signs on the door said the office was able to handle only some transactions owing to the lapse in federal… Continue reading


No surprise: Property taxes rise

Guess what, property tax totals in two mid-valley counties are up again this year. This is no surprise. Voters in Albany approved a slight bump in the special levy for public safety. New construction has taken place, and in many cases the assessed value of… Continue reading


Luckiamute paddlers face longer wait

If you’ve been waiting to use the long-planned paddlers’ access on the Luckiamute River, you’re in for a disappointment. It was supposed to be built this year, but it hasn’t happened, even though the signs are in place on Buena Vista Road and the parking lot… Continue reading


A piece of railroad history

There’s a story behind this passenger rail car, which was parked under the Albany overpass a few days ago. To get it, I went to Bob Melbo, who has had the answer to every railroad-connected question I have ever asked him. The lettering says the… Continue reading


Albany email dispute: Story continues

Tom Cordier, the citizen activist in Albany, has scored a partial victory for the public’s right to get public records, in this case email addresses. The case also raises a question about the city’s own use of those addresses. Cordier had sought to use a list… Continue reading

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