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Albany pot stores: The series continues

For the umpteenth time, the Albany City Council plowed the same ground Monday on the subject of medical marijuana dispensaries, which the legislature has authorized local governments to either ban for a year or control with “reasonable regulations.” The outcome, as far as anybody can… Continue reading


Lowe’s not yet ready to decide

Executives at the Lowe’s company appear to be in no hurry to decide whether to go ahead with, further delay or scrap their plans for an Albany store. A couple of weeks ago City Manager Wes Hare had been told the company’s real estate committee… Continue reading


Carousel: Expect a parking ‘mess’

While we’re on the subject of downtown Albany’s revival, now might be a good time to start thinking about four or five years down the road and how to accommodate thousands of visitors and their cars. The Albany Historic Carousel hopes to be operating by… Continue reading


CARA rescues Novak’s move

With any kind of luck, the desolate empty space (above) behind the storefront at right will house one of Oregon’s more famous restaurants before another year has gone by. The¬†address is 208 Second Ave. S.W. in Albany. Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant wants to move there from… Continue reading


Benton will patrol on propane

Benton County residents will want to keep an eye on their sheriff’s experience with “autogas.” Sheriff Scott Jackson has announced that most of his department’s patrol vehicles will be refitted with a dual fuel system, allowing them to run on either conventional gas or propane.… Continue reading

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