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School debate: Money and more money

The Oregon Senate on Monday failed to approve a record increase in the state school fund. The opponents, all 14 Republicans plus Democrat Chris Edwards of Eugene, said it wasn’t enough and the state could do better. The bill, Senate Bill 5519, proposed to set… Continue reading

River site blocked; blame criminals

It’s been years since the public could drive down to the Willamette River at Truax Island. We still can’t, and we won’t be able to do so again any time soon. For that we can thank criminals. The Oregon Parks Department used to maintain a… Continue reading

Main Street fix will have to wait

If you were anxiously awaiting the long-planned renovation of Albany’s Main Street from First Avenue to Santiam Road and Fourth Avenue, you’ll have to wait another year. The project had been scheduled this summer, and the city staff had estimated the cost at $1.5 million.… Continue reading

Sleep driving case drags on

Linn County’s “sleep driving” court case should have been over long ago. But it keeps dragging on. On Tuesday morning, Mandy Kenney showed up in Circuit Court for her scheduled trial for impaired driving. At least four law officers had been called to testify and… Continue reading

Say goodbye to Cox Creek dam

A demolition crew was at work Monday on Cox Creek, jackhammering away at a concrete dam that’s been in place since 1932. It’s part of a project to restore natural conditions in the lowlands near where Cox Creek empties into the Willamette River. Last year… Continue reading

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