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Downtown car store: My memories


NA grocery: Another step forward

Every few days, Google Mail brings a question like this one on Thursday: “Do you know the status of the grocery store that is supposed to come to North Albany Village? Is it still coming?” As far as I can tell the answer is yes,… Continue reading


The Big Dig: One block’s done

One block down, sort of, and about two dozen more to go. That’s the word from Albany’s $8 million project to upgrade the look and infrastructure of several of its downtown streets.


Diversity flap ends in harmony

The dispute over changes in the 2007 Albany ordinance that created the city’s Human Relations Commission ended without acrimony Tuesday. In a two-hour work session, the council and commission worked out wording that seemed to reflect, more or less, what everybody wanted to say.


Carousel opening: The sidelights

Hundreds of people showed up Tuesday morning for the opening of the Albany Carousel. That means you’ll be treated to thousands of photos and videos on social and various other media. Here’s a collection of sidelights.

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