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Lost downtown? Help is coming

Getting new “wayfinding” signs for downtown Albany has been a long process now nearing its end. It’s taken about six years, and the bills for having 27 signs designed, made and finally installed will end up totaling around $140,000.


Puzzled by what new meter says

Pacific Power left a door hanger inviting me to “meet your new smart meter… Go ahead: Take a look.” So I did. And now I wish that along with the door hanger, the installer had left instructions on what the readouts on the meter mean.


Rebuilding Sunrise and two streets

Sunrise Park and sections of two major streets — Hill and Oak — are about to be rebuilt, totaling more than $3 million in city public works spending in South Albany this year.


Vagrancy laws stall at city council

A proposed crackdown on crime and other problems associated with vagrancy in Albany turned into a public debate before the Albany City Council Wednesday about what to do — and not to do — about the homeless.


A new dialysis clinic in Albany

The Albany Community Development Department is reviewing plans for a new medical building which, according to the drawings, will house a dialysis center, part of a large nationwide chain.

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