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CARA told of River View project

A former industrial site overlooking the Willamette River east of Bowman Park is destined to become a housing complex. But it may be up to CARA, Albany’s urban renewal agency, whether it’s a standard apartment setup or a more ambitious design.


Rebuilding of Hill Street coming up

On Facebook and in real life, people in South Albany have been clamoring for the city to fix up the rough pavement on Hill Street, or wondering when this would finally be done. The answer is pretty soon, namely this year and probably next.


Smelly sludge — a way forward?

After years of study and weighing alternatives, Albany public works officials say the best way to deal with smelly solids at the Albany-Millersburg sewage treatment plant is to build an off-site facility to turn the sludge into class-A compost that could be sold or given… Continue reading


Water and Hill: What’s going on

On the Albany riverfront, the intersection of Water Avenue and Hill Street has been torn up for weeks. It’s being rebuilt to make it look like the corner of Water and Jackson Street five blocks to the west, and you may wonder what’s behind this… Continue reading


Albany car store has new owner

Readers kept asking about changes at one of Albany’s remaining new-car dealerships, and Friday I finally got around to finding out what’s what.

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