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Edgewater: City adds a payment

Let’s check in once again on Edgewater Village. There, the Albany urban renewal program has just increased its investment in the project, and construction is under way on the first two houses along the Dave Clark Path.

CARA backs new downtown B&B

Downtown Albany will once again offer bed-and-breakfast accommodations in one of the big historic houses downtown, and the CARA urban renewal district has decided to help.

Eagles offer to sell city their lodge

Albany’s urban renewal agency has received word of an offer by the Albany Eagles to sell the city their lodge, a property shown in a city plan as a key site to provide more downtown parking.

Gun bill’s effect: Nobody knows

It would be nice if Oregon legislators insisted on getting some facts instead of voting based on assumptions and emotions, as the Senate Judiciary Committee did on the gun-confiscation bill it passed, 3-2, on Tuesday.

Students tackle bike path study

It was in 1973 that that a group of seniors at Oregon State University had an assignment of designing bikeways for the city of Albany, and the Periwinkle Bikepath was the result. Now another group of students, from the University of Oregon this time, has taken on… Continue reading

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