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No gun grabbers these

It took a while — a month, actually — but Congressman Kurt Schrader has given me a response to questions about what kind of gun control measures he would support. In short, he seems to agree with Congressman Peter DeFazio, who said in a letter in… Continue reading


Fixing urban renewal’s levy grab (amended)

Albany’s downtown renewal advisory board Wednesday heard about a bill which, in the interest of truth in taxation, ought to be passed. But first, it ought to be amended to apply right away. The measure is House Bill 2632, sponsored by Rep. Margaret Doherty, a… Continue reading


Low carbon fuel: You may pay more

At stake in the legislature now, in the form of Senate Bill 488: Possibly higher fuel prices for years to come. In 2009 the legislature authorized an attempt to lower the amount of carbon emitted from transportation fuels in Oregon. The goal was to reduce… Continue reading


Next Albany chief may be local

If the other two candidates for Albany police chief are as good as Dan Hendrickson, the city will be in good shape no matter which of the three finalists eventually gets the job. Albany announced the finalists Monday. Hendricksen is a captain with the Corvallis… Continue reading


No stars at night: Too much light

Ever wish you could see the stars at night without having to travel into the wilderness? Especially the Milky Way, in all its awe-inspiring splendor? In most of our towns, you can’t do that even when it’s not overcast because the night is not really… Continue reading

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