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When it’s someone you know…

On the mornings of every fourth Tuesday of the month, I’ve gone to the Albany Senior Center to chat with a small group there. We talk about the news or anything else anybody wants to talk about. One of the regulars over the past year… Continue reading


Road fee: What’s the problem?

It’s not obvious to me why Republicans are opposed to making the owners of so-called green vehicles pay their fair share of the cost of keeping up Oregon roads. Owners of all-electric and hybrid cars now pay little or nothing toward the highway fund, even… Continue reading


Council tables coal train protest

Albany’s city council, to its credit, is not on record today against coal trains. On Wednesday night the council voted to table a resolution “to oppose the transport of coal through Albany.” Councilor Bessie Johnson’s motion to table called for the measure to come up… Continue reading


Marriage: May the court step back

If the Supreme Court is smart — and the justices certainly are — it will decline to outlaw as unconstitutional state laws against same-sex marriage. The court will instead leave this issue to be decided in the states, where in some cases the decision in favor of… Continue reading


Closed meetings and the “media”

Oregon’s public meetings law, adopted 40 years ago, allows some meetings of public bodies to be closed to the public. But it has a weird provision requiring that news media representatives must be allowed in, with only two exceptions. The law does not, however, say… Continue reading

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