Category: Commentary

Veto mascot bill? Go ahead!

Governor Kitzhaber says he wants to veto Senate Bill 215, and he should. It’s a terrible bill, even though the sponsors meant well. This has to do with Indian names and mascots at some Oregon schools. The state Board of Education decided in 2012 to ban… Continue reading


NSA program: It’s not really “surveillance”

It’s hard for me to see how our liberty is endangered by the National Security Agency’s collecting of telephone and Internet records. Much of the complaining about this, it seems to me, is overly theatrical and even hypocritical. The way the program has been explained,… Continue reading


Worth a stop in Adair

The last thing you expect as you hurry north from Corvallis on Highway 99W is a pleasant little cafe. But there it is — in Adair Village. And even if you’re in a hurry to get to Monmouth, or even just to North Albany, the… Continue reading


Thefts in Adair: Better lock up

If they aren’t already doing so, people living in Adair Village will want to start locking their doors, especially their car doors. On Aug. 1 the Benton County sheriff got reports of what, in terms of the quiet little village of about 900 residents west… Continue reading


Pipeline diggers all over the place

Up and down the mid-Willamette Valley, along country roads and across grass seed fields, crews have been digging or boring into the ground to bury long sections of 12-inch diameter steel pipe. You can see part of the work in progress off Walnut Drive and Riverside… Continue reading

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