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Still fumbling on guns, too

  While fecklessly stumbling around in foreign policy by preparing to fire cruise missiles and kill some Syrians in that country’s civil war, the Obama administration is also again demonstrating its general cluelessness on the subject of gun control. Vice President Joe Biden announced two… Continue reading


Blow that horn, man!

In a Facebook exchange about people with cardboard signs begging at street corners, somebody had a complaint. “Have you seen the man in North Albany Village playing saxophone (illegally),” the person wanted to know. Yes, I have, and I’ve slipped a couple of bucks into… Continue reading


Albany briefing: Exec session on real estate

In Albany, the city council got a progress report Wednesday night on negotiations for real estate the city hopes to acquire for an expansion of Station 11, the main fire station on Lyon Street downtown. As usual, and as allowed by the Oregon Public Meetings Law,… Continue reading


More respect for jurors, please

Our jury system may be brilliant from the standpoint of not leaving the administration of justice solely in the hands of lawyers. But to citizens called now and then to perform this role, it seems improvements could be made. Many years ago, the jury I… Continue reading


Top jobs at OSU: Nice pay

The real reason college costs so much, according to an author interviewed in the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 24, is federal aid including student loans encouraged and subsidized by Congress. This gusher of federal money — more than $100 billion a year now, according… Continue reading

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