Category: Commentary

It’s legal, but is it smart?

Now and then the activity log of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office contains an item that makes you wonder what your fellow citizens are thinking. I ran across an item like that when I reviewed the log for the last week or two. The incident… Continue reading


Keeping us going: Highway work

Ever notice our Oregon state highways? No, of course you don’t, because you and all of the rest of us take them for granted. We take them for granted because they cause us no trouble. And the reason they work as well as they do… Continue reading


Albany’s next police chief will be…

Not the guy I thought it would be. When I first wrote about the May 1 appearance at a public forum of the three finalists — Corvallis Police Capt. Dan Hendrickson of Albany, Assistant Chief Mario Lattanzio of Mesa, Ariz., and Deputy Chief Jim Peterson of Pocatello, Idaho… Continue reading


All about side effects

If you read the fine print, it seems surprising that the makers of prescription drugs ever sell some of their products. After all, who wants to get sicker or even risk death? In television ads and in print, the drug makers evidently are required –… Continue reading


What’s up with Senate gun bills?

It was on April 18 that the state Senate Judiciary Committee passed four heavily watered-down bills directed at gun owners. So far, as of May 1, none of them has seen — or been scheduled for — action on the Senate floor. What’s going on here?… Continue reading

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