Category: Commentary

Good job on voting rights

As soon as the Supreme Court came out with its ruling striking down a key section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, President Obama and others complained. They made it sound as though voting rights were in grave danger. But the critics are completely… Continue reading


Education chief for one year

After about a year on his $280,000-a-year job, Rudy Crew is leaving to become a college president in New York City. Last year Governor Kitzhaber hired him as Oregon’s first chief education officer to oversee what the governor and others see as a program to… Continue reading


Still fuzzy on racial preferences

The latest Supreme Court opinion on racial discrimination shows that we’re still a long, long way from putting that problem behind us. The basic principle is that under the Constitution, it’s wrong for the government to treat people differently because of their race. But the… Continue reading


Albany’s CARA poised to restart

Albany’s downtown urban renewal program is about to restart with a sharper focus on encouraging job creation and increasing the taxable value of the revitalization district known as CARA. For the past year, the program has been on hold while urban renewal manager Kate Porsche… Continue reading


What to read

The advice on this reader board is sound, even if you’re not a Clover Ridge pupil out for the summer and wondering what to do with your time. (Never mind that “every day” should be two words. It’s the thought that counts.) The usual question… Continue reading

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