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Mascots? Cut the baloney…

Whether Governor Kitzhaber vetoes the Indian mascot bill or not — he has until Aug. 19 to decide — the affected schools might consider cutting through all the baloney on this issue on their own. To refresh your memory, the state Board of Education decided… Continue reading


Vagrancy: Enforcement is next

Now that they have the tools for a renewed campaign against unlawful behavior by vagrants, Albany police will have to use them. The city council Wednesday passed ordinances against open containers of alcohol in public places, and against relieving oneself in public. Having laws is one… Continue reading


Constant danger: Crossing the line

With depressing regularity, the Oregon State Police issues press releases reporting on traffic crashes in which a vehicle “crossed the center line” and collided head-on with one coming the other way. Too often the outcome is that one or more persons are killed and others seriously hurt.… Continue reading


A litany of complaints about vagrants

Albany is taking steps to make the town less appealing to unauthorized campers, street corner beggars and drunks who become intoxicated in public and won’t use a portable restroom if they can use a bush. The city council Wednesday (Aug. 14) plans to vote on ordinances aimed at… Continue reading


Appreciate the clear skies

For about a week recently, people in parts of Southern Oregon were choking on smoke from many forest and brush fires in that area. It got so bad that some residents who had the means left for other parts of the state, at least for… Continue reading

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