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What to read

The advice on this reader board is sound, even if you’re not a Clover Ridge pupil out for the summer and wondering what to do with your time. (Never mind that “every day” should be two words. It’s the thought that counts.) The usual question… Continue reading


A four-day paper in Portland

There’s a good deal of online moaning about the decision by the Portland Oregonian to cut back its printed newspaper and concentrate on what it hopes will be its digital future. But let’s be practical. The decline of daily newspapers has been happening for some time, and… Continue reading


Plant more dandelions?

This Albany photo, taken Thursday, makes you wish there was a use for dandelions. As it turns out, there are many. A website maintained by the University of Maryland (the first one that popped up when I googled dandelions) says this weed is full of… Continue reading


Two official languages?

When I saw this sign at South Medford High School the other day, my first thought was that we ought to be giving Spanish speakers a little more credit. Do the people responsible for that sign really believe that students who grew up speaking Spanish… Continue reading


Sheriff’s report: ID theft hits IRS

While it cleans up its act regarding the targeting of conservative groups, a recent Benton County sheriff’s report suggests that the IRS has another urgent task. That is to fix its record-keeping system in order to thwart identity thieves. This last filing season, taxpayers were urged to… Continue reading

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