Category: Commentary

The Benghazi story continues

The Benghazi affair would have been over by now if President Obama and his officials had fully explained what did and did not happen. Instead, they first misled the public about the motive for the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the American mission there, blaming it on… Continue reading


Road user fee: An update

Our legislators continue to labor over a proposal to get some road tax money from the owners of vehicles that use little or no fuel. We’re talking here about House Bill 2453, the result of more than a decade of work by the Road User… Continue reading


How DO they survive?

Finally I’ve spotted them: three little eggs laid in a gravel nest by the side of a road south of Albany. On my bike rides through the countryside this spring, every once in a while I’ve noticed a killdeer flying away from the shoulder as… Continue reading


What? A traffic jam here?

One of the many reasons many of us live in the mid-Willamette Valley and stay here is that we seldom get stuck in traffic. So it was with some surprise that driving into Albany on Friday night, it was stop-and-go on Highway 20 headed for… Continue reading


It’s legal, but is it smart?

Now and then the activity log of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office contains an item that makes you wonder what your fellow citizens are thinking. I ran across an item like that when I reviewed the log for the last week or two. The incident… Continue reading

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