Category: Commentary

Columbia River Crossing: Too much

There’s a move afoot to call the legislature into yet another special session — the second this month — to approve a plan to build the Columbia River Crossing. This could be a very costly move. The Washington legislature has refused to help pay for… Continue reading


Unsolved: Shopping cart mess

If you want to buy a shopping cart, you can find one online for about $150. They are not, in other words, free or even cheap. You would think that stores are concerned about the theft of an item that costs $150 or thereabouts to… Continue reading


Albany bonds: Things to know

A couple of things for Albany residents and voters to keep in mind concerning the proposed bond issue for a new police headquarters and replacing the main fire station: Approving the bond likely will not increase property taxes — at least not in the conventional… Continue reading


Downtown speed: Who cares?

  Of all the things to worry about, the speed limit on Highway 20 through downtown Albany is at the very bottom of the list. Especially if the¬†choice is between very slow at 25 mph or even slower at 20. But as ODOT explains it,… Continue reading


Bypass Albany Station? Better not!

Albany Station, constructed at great public expense, is a hub of transportation activity during some parts of the day. Trains and local and regional bus lines stop there, and there’s plenty of convenient parking for taxis and the vehicles of commuters and other travelers. And… Continue reading

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