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Sunrise Park: Plan up for review

Albany’s Sunrise Park will get a parking lot and a big sun shade, plus two new play structures, according to a site plan for the park’s renovation that has just been filed with the city Planning Division.


A glance of the past, from high up

Last week I had a brief visit in his office with Shawn Woods, manager of the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area. And he hauled out huge reproductions of aerial photos I had never seen before.


A neglected lake near Albany

To get to the Simpson Park Trail, you pass what is advertised as the boater access on First Lake. But the conditions are such that there’s no great rush of boaters at this neglected Albany lake.


Trees down, apartments are next

Before you build anything, you have to clear the site, and that’s what’s happening on land where developer Charles Weathers of Salem intends to build what he calls Hickory Hollow, the first apartment complex to be approved in North Albany.


A century later, it still does the job

On my way back from Shedd on Thursday, I was glad to see that my favorite railroad bridge has not yet been replaced. I like all bridges, but this one especially because it shows that a simple design properly built can do a hard job… Continue reading

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