Category: Commentary

Behold our mighty … Cox Creek

It’s not often anyone is tempted to write a headline like the one above. But it came to mind after a day of unusually heavy rain in the Albany area, where heavy rain in February is not exactly big news.

CARA OKs loan for homeless shelter

Albany officials say the Signs of Victory Mission as been a big help in dealing with the community’s homeless. In return, the CARA urban renewal board Wednesday endorsed a $100,000 low-interest loan to help the mission finish a new homeless shelter across Jackson Street from the… Continue reading

Edgewater gets backing to carry on

George Diamond says he’d like to continue building units at Edgewater Village near Albany’s Willamette riverfront. And now he can. The advisory board of CARA, the downtown urban renewal district, Wednesday approved a change in a loan agreement that will allow the developer to obtain… Continue reading

Bill would make property tax jump

The same Oregon legislators who were thinking of taxing coffee and old cars also have visions of sharply raising the property tax, the most unfair tax of all because it is only faintly related to the ability to pay. And their proposal includes a sneaky hunk of bait… Continue reading

High above river, a nest fight looms

Mr. and Mrs. Osprey are not going to happy if they now return to their nest atop the steel railroad bridge across the Willamette River at Albany. Somebody else has taken up residence in their customary abode.

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