Category: Commentary

Albany Hydro running again

Albany Hydro, the 500-kw generator powered by water from the Santiam Canal, is back in business. It started up Friday when the flow in the canal was sufficient once again.


McDonald’s pays stiff street fee

The West Albany McDonald’s has been closed for a while for remodeling, depriving me and many others of a convenient stop for a meal. But something else is noteworthy about the project: the city’s fees.


Cure homelessness, but how?

Albany is about to stage another annual event to remember and mourn people who, without housing or proper shelter, did not survive the year. Remembering them is good, but doing something to cure homelessness would be better — if only we knew what that something… Continue reading


CARA backs pastry chef’s plan

The old Tripp and Tripp Building at the corner of Second Avenue and Ellsworth Street may soon house a bakery, with help from CARA, the downtown urban renewal agency.


Robot cars and blind corners

Autonomous vehicles are the next big thing in transportation, they say. Oh really? I wonder how a self-driving car would handle a blind corner, like the one at this driveway on Ninth Avenue in Albany’s Periwinkle Plaza.

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