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Riverfront idea: A little Pike’s Place

The one-story building at the southeast corner of Water Avenue and Hill Street doesn’t look like much. But it could become an attraction on the Albany riverfront if a contractor carries through with a concept he showed the downtown urban renewal board last week.


Gatorade land: Millions at stake

PepsiCo has been unable so far to sell the large tract at the south end of Albany it bought about 10 years ago for a Gatorade manufacturing and bottling plant that was never built. Now it will try again to sell the land, and the… Continue reading


On Lyon, less space for cyclists

I wonder if this is what the designers had in mind: Putting the sidewalk that close to heavy traffic in front of the new Albany Fire Department’s Station 11 and Hasty Freez, one of the best burger-and-shake joints in town.


Revised: CARA and the Eagles

Albany’s urban renewal advisory board on Wednesday authorized its staff to talk to the Albany Eagles about possibly buying their lodge building, assuming the property comes up for sale.


Albany’s new fire hall: Why it’s ’11’

In big letters high on the wall, its name is hard to miss when you drive past Albany’s new main fire station, now nearing completion. But why do they call it Station 11? Why not Station One, for example, which would seem to make more… Continue reading

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