Blog slowdown? Let me explain

Hey people. I think I should explain why hh's blog production has slipped in recent days. It's me, or rather my Albany vacation.

My name is Mendel. (And before you ask, yes, I was named in honor of that famous botanist. You remember. That guy with the different colored beans or peas or whatever it was.)

You see, I'm getting to stay in Albany for a few weeks while my family is away on a trip. And let me tell you, I'm having a great time. For one thing, I'm getting to go for a lot of walks. I don't really need all that walking, but it's fun, so I'm not about to tell the old guy that he can save himself some of that marching up and down the roads.

And I have that great game. It involves a tennis ball. The old guy chucks the ball into the yard, and I run after it and let him have it back. Not right away, you understand. But eventually. So then he chucks it again. "Go get the ball," he says. And I grin at him and think: "You threw it out there, get it yourself." And he does! It's killing me, I tell you.

Something else I figured out. My family sent along bags of dog food. Have you tasted that stuff? So what I do is this: I pretend not to eat it. So the old guy gets concerned I'm gonna starve myself. And since it's lunch time he runs out to McDonald's and brings me a hamburger, plain. Say what you will about fast food, but it has those kibbles beat.

So with the walking morning and night and in between, and retrieving the tennis ball in this game I invented, and the lunchtime runs to Mickey D's, you can see that his time looking for stories and writing them up is down to... well, much less than usual anyway.

My Albany vacation has a while to go, I'm happy to say. So if you sense a certain lag in hh-today, that's gonna be the reason why. (mh)



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