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Albany dives into marijuana debate

As if it didn’t have enough to do, the Albany City Council has voted to enter the debate about marijuana. On Wednesday night, with nothing much on the official agenda, Councilwoman Bessie Johnson spoke up and said she didn’t want medical marijuana dispensaries in Albany.… Continue reading


What’s with the Halloween gore?

Halloween is coming up, in case you didn’t notice. The chance that you didn’t notice is admittedly very slim. The stores and their ads have been full of Halloween stuff for weeks. And so have some of our neighborhoods, some houses with modest displays on their… Continue reading


Our Willamette: Unlawfully warm?

A federal law, the Clean Water Act, gives regulators the authority to say what conditions they would like to see in our rivers. But nature does not necessarily cooperate, and then there’s the potential for conflict and a lot of public expense. We’re at that… Continue reading


Albany bond update: More on planning

Apparently under the impression that not everybody in Albany already knew about it after reading Tuesday morning’s edition of hh-Today, the city manager’s office issued a press release during the day confirming that the public will have a role in the planning if the police and fire station projects move… Continue reading


Albany bond update: Public engagement promised

The ballots in Albany’s police and fire bond election have been in voters’ hands for days — or on their kitchen counters with the stack of bills, or wherever else people stash the mail they will deal with later. To count, ballots must be returned… Continue reading

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