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The school closure dilemma

School officials in the mid-valley came in for some grumbling when they canceled classes day after day following the snow storm on Dec. 6. But put yourself in their shoes.


Why thwart state dispensary law?

A majority of the Albany City Council seems determined to keep illegal marijuana growers in business. How else to explain their effort to circumvent the state law that is intended to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate under strict state supervision with a long list… Continue reading


Albany to draft pot dispensary ban

The Albany City Council jumped back into the medical marijuana issue Wednesday, asking its staff to draft changes in the city land use law that would ban dispensaries within the city limits. Councilor Bessie Johnson, who said several weeks ago she did not want medical marijuana dispensaries… Continue reading


Pacific to Millersburg: It won’t work

Millersburg is contemplating taking over the electric power system within its boundaries in order to allow Wah Chang, the metals plant, to benefit from low-cost preference power sold by the Bonneville Power Administration. Pacific Power has now warned the city council that in the company’s… Continue reading


About the next snow storm …

So what — besides letting the water run to prevent the pipes from freezing up — could we do better the next time we get hit by one of these snowstorms followed by a blast of near-arctic freeze? What could mid-valley residents and our communities… Continue reading

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