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Cool Willamette: Costs may rise

Albany borrowed and then spent upwards of $70 million in recent years to comply with clean-water regulations on the Willamette River. The city modernized and expanded its sewage treatment¬†plant and constructed the “Talking Waters” wetlands project. Now there’s a possibility it may not have been… Continue reading


A brighter downtown — on one street

Downtown Albany may become brighter during winter nights — or as soon as a new lighting program can be started. But unfortunately, it will be a change limited to just a short stretch of First Avenue. And that brings up an old complaint that has… Continue reading


Senator Close makes it official

As expected, state Sen. Betsy Close, R-Albany, next year will run for a four-year term in the position to which she was appointed a year ago. She talked to me on camera just before she announced her plans at a reception at the Albany Golf… Continue reading


Obama strikes the wrong note

If President Obama was interested in moving on to a more constructive way of running the government after the shutdown and near-default on federal obligations, he could not have made a worse start than he did today. In a speech at the White House, Obama… Continue reading


Towing: Linn board shuns setting rates

A new state law allows Oregon counties and cities to set maximum prices that tow companies can charge for giving back cars seized from private parking facilities. House Bill 3159 passed over Republican objections in the 2013 regular session of the legislature and takes effect… Continue reading

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