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House votes to fool voters

Democrats in the Oregon House must think that voters are basically stupid. Or rather, they are counting on enough of them to be dumb enough to be fooled by the trick they pulled Thursday.


Fixup projects on CARA agenda

A couple of structures in east Albany could  get a new look with help from urban renewal funds if the city grants their owners’ requests. The proposals are on the agenda for review when the Central Albany Revitalization Area advisory board meets at 5:15 p.m.… Continue reading


Council resolves to fight ‘violation’

It’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing, and the principle is worth fighting for, the Albany City Council decided Wednesday. On Monday, the council had agreed that each of its seven members would send the Oregon secretary of state a $10.72 check… Continue reading


Albany: In fear of thieves

In Albany, residents on average have less to fear from violent crime than elsewhere in the state and nation. But they have to worry about losing their property to criminals more. Residents already know this, and it was confirmed by what Police Chief Mario Lattanzio… Continue reading


E.E. Wilson in February

Here’s a quick reminder concerning the E.E Wilson Wildlife Area northwest of Albany in northern Benton County. I take an old bike out there now and then for a change of scenery.

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