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And we get another year

Why is the change of one year to the next cause for celebrations and parties and noise? I think it’s because all that merrymaking is supposed to mask the sadness we are otherwise likely to feel at the passage of yet another year.


Wondering about drones & RC aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration has designated some areas of Oregon as test sites for commercial drones. I’ve been wondering why federal action along those lines was needed since remote-controlled aircraft already fly at various sites including the Benton County Aerodrome near Adair Village. (This is… Continue reading


Must avoid ‘road departures’

On Dec. 22, a 16-year-old driver from Brownsville lost her life when her vehicle crossed the center line in a right-hand curve on Highway 228 in Linn County and collided with the front end of a tow truck coming the other way. It was what the Oregon State… Continue reading


Public records? OSU resists

The way reporter Bennett Hall of the Corvallis Gazette-Times told the story in Sunday’s paper, the administration of Oregon State University is proving difficult when it comes to letting go of public information. That’s not exactly in the spirit of Oregon’s claim on government transparency.


Bad law, bigger fines

Oregon has a law against talking on a cell phone while driving. Because the law has been widely ignored, the legislature raised the standard fine to $160 as of Jan. 1, up $50. And the maximum will be $500. The fine could be a thousand… Continue reading

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