Posts written by Hasso Hering

Watching a log train being built

I was riding my bike along Albany’s Cox Creek path on Thursday (Nov. 21) — a sunny, cold and windy day — when a train carrying logs was being assembled at the nearby Millersburg yard of the Portland & Western Railroad. The yard figures in… Continue reading


Aiming at renewal in Hackleman District

Albany’s downtown urban renewal program is taking a step to encourage people to buy and restore older homes in city’s Hackleman Historic District east of Lyon Street.


Millersburg, consider the Power Act

If Millersburg goes ahead and tries to take over the electricity business within its borders and expel Pacific Power, condemnation and a court battle over the takeover price won’t be the only hurdles. Also there is likely to be a fight, possibly a long one,… Continue reading


Novak’s move wins CARA backing

Rarely has a financing request received as enthusiastic a reception from the Central Albany Revitalization Area advisory board as that of Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant. On Wednesday night the CARA panel unanimously recommended approval of a $126,000 loan to help the business restore¬†the historic storefront at… Continue reading


Declining fitness? Duh!

There was a story in the papers from Dallas, where a conference of the American Heart Association heard about research on the declining fitness among the world’s children. There’s reason to be skeptical of the findings, even though they sound plausible.

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