Posts written by Hasso Hering

Mystery foam in Albany creek

This is what Cox Creek looked like Monday afternoon just below the dam that impounds Waverly Lake. The dam is underneath Salem Avenue, but you can just barely see it from the footbridge on the north side of the street.


Update on Edgewater Village

On Tuesday there were the first signs of actual construction at Edgewater Village, the riverside residential development in which the city of Albany has invested $2.4 million of urban renewal money. As you can see, a backhoe operator had been busy moving some dirt, apparently… Continue reading


Canna Kitchen — nothing to ban

Last Friday I looked up Canna Kitchen, a business that has operated — with a city of Albany land use permit in the form of an approved site plan — for two years on Ferry Street S.W. But now it is caught up in the drive by… Continue reading


Anything coming? Hard to tell

Oregon law allows drivers to make a left on a red light if they are turning on a one-way street. So if you are sitting here on Third Avenue, waiting to go left on Lyon, you should be able to make the turn if nothing is coming… Continue reading


Rain, climate change and the facts

  All this rain we’ve been having naturally leads to more discussion of — what else? — climate change. On that subject, like on many others, you don’t have to believe everything you hear. And especially on climate change, there’s a handy tool you can… Continue reading

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