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Albany backs off marijuana-store ban

Whatever happens with medical-marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, Albany won’t be in the forefront of trying to keep them out, at least for now. The city council Monday voted 4-2 to withdraw its application to change the city development code to prevent marijuana stores from getting… Continue reading


How about snow removal?

Now that Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley is wallowing in slush, municipal authorities might give some thought to the next winter storm that brings us more than a foot of snow and then covers it with a quarter-inch of ice. We can be sure that it will… Continue reading


“In Winter’s Grip III:” The Aftermath

By now everybody is thinking: OK, so it snowed a lot in western Oregon. Enough already with the videos and the Facebook entries. Trouble is, when you’re more or less stuck in the house, and the Olympics on TV feature an endless race on skis, what… Continue reading


Energy mandates: You pay more

While Oregonians cope with high fuel and heat bills this winter, Democrats in the legislature are working to make sure prices stay high and rise even more. They are working on legislation to cause consumers to pay more for gasoline and diesel, and for electricity too.… Continue reading


“In Winter’s Grip II”

Another day, another stroll in the snow, deeper now than the day before. Such is our fate as climate change utterly fails to make itself felt. This is the kind of winter we had several times in the 1970s and ’80s, if memory serves.  (hh)

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