Posts written by Hasso Hering

Edgewater update: Moving day

Time for an update on Edgewater Village, the new neighborhood on Albany’s riverfront that’s on my favorite bike route. A moving truck attracted my attention Monday.


Surprise: A reasonable gun bill

The legislature is in session, so naturally it is once again working to add to the circumstances under which Oregonians may be banned from buying or owning a gun. But this time, the bill that emerged from committee on Friday isn’t bad. It’s the kind… Continue reading


This bumpy ride has a point

Unless you live there, you probably avoid Albany’s Fifth Avenue east of Lyon Street because of of its rough pavement. Camera in hand, I took a ride there Friday to illustrate just how bumpy the surface is.


This store chain likes to expand

Every time you turn around in Oregon now, a new little “Dollar General” store pops up. This one in Yachats appeared within the past few months, about the same time as other outlets in the chain opened in Philomath and Waldport.


Hemp seed site gets Albany’s OK

Albany’s planning division has approved the use of a leased Queen Avenue warehouse to grow seeds of industrial hemp, and the grower says neighbors have nothing to worry about in regard to aroma or crime.

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