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What I think about pot

Let me get something off my chest about all this talk about marijuana. It think smoking marijuana in order to relax or feel mellow or something is just plain stupid. I said something like that on KGAL’s “Valley Talk” radio program Tuesday, and now I’m… Continue reading


Don’t backtrack on dispensary law

The illegal trade in marijuana flourishes in Oregon, as shown by the steady pace of arrests for selling, transporting or possessing quantities of weed. The legislature tried to cut into at least part of that business but is getting push-back from local governments unmoved –… Continue reading


Fog lights: Use only when needed

Three years ago, state authorities were moved to remind Oregon drivers about the correct and legal use of fog or auxiliary lights. The advice didn’t take. “It seems to me,” reader Steven Mills correctly observes in an email, “that hundreds of drivers driving with fog lights turned… Continue reading


Hot air precedes legislature

The Oregon legislature will convene on Feb. 3 and stay in Salem for a month whether anybody wants it to or not. So what can we expect? If you believe the “agendas” posted by the Democrats who rule the House and Senate, nothing but good… Continue reading


Dear Sun: As for today …

Nice try, Mr. Sun, but way too late in the afternoon to do anybody much good. After all, it’s already past 4 p.m, and still 38 degrees out there. It will be dark and even colder in a little while, so what’s the incentive to get… Continue reading

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