Posts written by Hasso Hering

No signals but no chaos

When a power failure hit the Albany area on Monday afternoon and knocked out all the traffic signals, motorists did what they usually do when this happens: Without being told, they took turns.


The limits of automation

If it weren’t for all the money swooshing down the drain, you could find a silver lining in all the news about Oregon’s failed ventures in high technology. The failures remind us that not everything can or should be automated, and even if it can,… Continue reading


Rail plan points to money trouble

Readers interested in rail transportation — and who isn’t? — will naturally be eager to review the draft of the 2014 Oregon State Rail Plan just published by the Oregon Department of Transportation. At 161 pages, not to mention the 100-page technical report, it takes¬†… Continue reading


Hare case: Facts prove state wrong

If you doubt that state authorities were wrong in fining the Albany city manager for a press release about last fall’s city bond election, read the state’s own legal brief and your doubts will vanish. The state’s brief claims that Wes Hare violated the election… Continue reading


Oregon’s useful pamphlet

The Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet for the May 20 primary has arrived. It is a source of lots of helpful information, even though the material submitted by candidates often raises more questions than it answers. The secretary of state prints the candidate statements exactly as they… Continue reading

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