Posts written by Hasso Hering

Obama strikes the wrong note

If President Obama was interested in moving on to a more constructive way of running the government after the shutdown and near-default on federal obligations, he could not have made a worse start than he did today. In a speech at the White House, Obama… Continue reading

Towing: Linn board shuns setting rates

A new state law allows Oregon counties and cities to set maximum prices that tow companies can charge for giving back cars seized from private parking facilities. House Bill 3159 passed over Republican objections in the 2013 regular session of the legislature and takes effect… Continue reading

Liquor setup: What’s to fix?

Before anybody tries to change the way Oregon sells and buys hard liquor, he’ll have to persuade people that there’s something wrong with the system we have had since the 1930s. It’s old-fashioned, but so what? What’s wrong with it?  Since the end of Prohibition… Continue reading

Sunshine & a lower interest rate

The weather wasn’t the only pleasant news today. I will get to the second pleasant item in a moment. But first, ever  notice how a little sunshine brightens not just the scenery but your outlook as well? All the bad things are just as bad… Continue reading

O&C Panel: No conclusion

If you didn’t expect much from Governor Kitzhaber’s O&C Panel, you were not disappointed when the group’s report came out on Feb. 7. Still, the report was useful in one respect. It summarized once again the long and convoluted history of the O&C lands, the… Continue reading

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