Posts written by Hasso Hering

Ex-GI Joe space gets makeover

At least one of Albany’s large vacant retail spaces appears to have found a new future tenant. A construction fence has gone up outside the former GI Joe’s on Southeast 14th Avenue, and workers are busy inside. One of them says they’re building an inside wall… Continue reading

Get ethanol out of our gas

Now they tell us  – about the drawbacks and unforeseen consequences of all that ethanol in our fuel. For years federal and state policy makers and legislators promoted ethanol as the way to cleaner fuel and a greener future. Even though ethanol in this country is… Continue reading

Albany Hydro, keeping history alive

If you walk up the Calapooia River bridge from Albany’s Bryant Park — on the upstream side without a sidewalk, taking your life in your hands in case a big pickup comes by — look down to your right and you can see the turbine… Continue reading

Better passenger rail: A nice dream

There are at least two ways of looking at the current $10 million planning effort for better passenger rail service in the Willamette Valley, between Eugene and Portland. One is hopeful and visionary, and the other is coldly realistic. Here is the realistic view.

Lanes for bikes and leaves

I’m not complaining, but does this seem a little odd? The sign on Elm Street in the block occupied by Albany General Hospital prohibits parking on the curb, presumably to keep the bike lane open for bicyclists. But blocking the lane with piles of dead leaves is… Continue reading

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