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Coast update: Sea level?

Just in case you were wondering what was happening at the central Oregon coast, here’s a video update, shaky and wind-noisy it may be. The short answer is that nothing has changed since the last update a month or so ago. Except that on Dec. 16… Continue reading


Big money, no results

It’s not super surprising that Oregon and the federal government have had trouble setting up their online “exchanges” for people to apply for and purchase medical insurance. They’ve made it too complicated. What’s surprising is how much Oregon has spent on this venture without getting… Continue reading


What’s to ‘celebrate’ here?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission sent out a press release and  this was the headline: “OLCC celebrates ‘Drinking & Drugged Driving Awareness Month’ with Annual Holiday Campaign.” The message was worth putting out. For example. people giving parties where alcohol is served can be held responsible… Continue reading


Check out what Putin said

This may sound odd, but it is possible to feel sorry for Vladimir Putin. The president of Russia wants his country to achieve better results in the economy and also in, among other things, education and health care. But judging by a long speech he gave… Continue reading


Phone bill: More tax than talk

If you have an old-fashioned land-line phone just in case you have to call 911 when the power fails and cell towers are knocked out, you may have noticed all the extra charges that drive up the monthly price. If you haven’t noticed, take a… Continue reading

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