Posts written by Hasso Hering

Freeway changes: Some questions

At first glance, the proposed changes that state highway planners have drafted for the Albany interchanges on Interstate 5 look complicated and costly. And it’s not clear to the average motorist how they’re going to improve the flow of traffic.


Multiple-voting fraud? Can’t be done

If someone tries to fix an Oregon election by voting “early and often,” as the old saw has it, I’m convinced that Oregon’s vote-by-mail system has made this kind of fraud infinitely harder. I would say it’s impossible, considering the procedures in place to make… Continue reading


This rural view is short-lived

This corner on the south side of Albany — Ellingson Road and Columbus Street — won’t look quite so rural in a few years. A portion of the 106 acres of the former Henshaw Farm, now a grass-seed field, will be developed with 223 single-family residential… Continue reading


Waiting for Oregon’s first Hobby Lobby

Job applicants were filling out paperwork and waiting their turn Tuesday inside Heritage Mall in Albany, where Hobby Lobby expects to open its first Oregon store next month, “at the beginning of June” as a press release issued on April 11 put it.


It was a cowardly crime (2nd update)

Through a rain-spotted windshield, you and I are looking at the East Oregon or Cloverdale Road overpass on Interstate 5 in Creswell, south of Eugene. From there, before dawn on April 13, someone dropped a chunk of masonry, a cinderblock, which smashed into a vehicle below and injured… Continue reading

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