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Council nixes Santiam Road ‘bottle drop’

Albany stores and customers can forget about using a central bottle and can redemption center yet this year. Ignoring a unanimous recommendation by the city planning commission, the city council Wednesday agreed instead with a city staff recommendation that prevents the so-called “bottle drop” from being established in… Continue reading


Alcohol stings: Stop state-assisted crime

It is the custom of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to test checkout clerks at supermarkets and convenience stores by sending minors to buy beer, and then to nail the hapless employees if they fail to prevent the sale. This underhanded practice is wrong, and it… Continue reading


Update: Action due on pot bills

Considering the possible action at the legislature, Albany’s city council was wise this week in stepping back from its attempt to outlaw all marijuana, medical and otherwise, from within the city limits. Things may be happening in Salem, and it makes a lot of sense for… Continue reading


Want to buy an old church?

If you’ve always wanted to spend tons of money on acquiring and restoring an old church, here’s your chance. The city of Albany plans to invite proposals along those lines for a building at Santiam Road and Main Street, which the city bought for a… Continue reading


Albany backs off marijuana-store ban

Whatever happens with medical-marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, Albany won’t be in the forefront of trying to keep them out, at least for now. The city council Monday voted 4-2 to withdraw its application to change the city development code to prevent marijuana stores from getting… Continue reading

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