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CARA says yes to Lepman project

Albany’s urban renewal board has approved financial aid for a project to renovate the old Fortmiller Building at 420 Third Ave. S.W. and build four townhouses next door. Members if the Central Albany Revitalization Area board Wednesday had lots of questions for applicant Scott Lepman but… Continue reading


Putin’s speech: Ominous tones

You can see why the Russians love their Putin. You can appreciate his domestic political appeal when you read the speech he gave in the Kremlin on Tuesday.


A ‘test spill’ on Highway 20

What you can’t hear me saying in this video, on account of the traffic noise and wind, is that if you lost a bag full of trash on the highway and you knew you had lost it, you would make an effort to stop and… Continue reading


Albany’s indirect street fees

While we’re on the subject of Albany’s many crumbling streets, especially in the oldest parts of town, let’s take a quick look at the street fees that city residents pay. “What street fees?” you are wondering. Since the 1990s, Albany has levied a 5 percent… Continue reading


Back to dirt streets and mud?

In a video the other day I reported on the crumbling pavement on Albany’s Fifth Avenue S.E., and you and I together were wondering why that and many other streets in the old part of town haven’t been fixed. The answer is not that there isn’t… Continue reading

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