Posts written by Hasso Hering

Train service to increase

Things are happening on the passenger rail front in the Willamette Valley, one right away and the other in the indefinite future. Oregon’s two new Talgo train sets start revenue service on Monday (Jan. 6), when the number of southbound trains stopping in Albany on… Continue reading


Airport fence: Another look

Taking advantage of Friday afternoon’s sunshine, I took a second look at the new quarter-million-dollar fence at Albany Municipal Airport, another step in the fencing of America.


Was this a sign of something?

Everybody and his sister, in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley, took photos on Thursday night of the western sky. We all thought it was a spectacular sight,. What’s the meaning of this, somebody might have asked.


Let’s talk about books

Please join me for a couple of minutes talking about books. Here are three items that have been on my shelves for a while. One is a history of Europe that refreshed what I had read about the origins of World War I, which started in August 100 years… Continue reading


RC ‘drones:’ Legal how long?

You could build your own surveillance drone, you know. YouTube and other online sources offer plenty of advice on plans and equipment and what kind of video cameras are best. The question is: What’s legal and what’s not?

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