Posts written by Hasso Hering

A future full of aerial buzzing?

It’s fun to think up wondrous inventions, and some actually come true in time. Dick Tracy had wrist-mounted TV communicators, and now we have smart phones complete with video. But drones to deliver packages?

In support of bottle redemption center

If the Albany planning staff has its way, there won’t be a Bottle Bill redemption center where the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative wants to put one. So let’s hope the staff’s reservations can be overcome.

First Avenue in lights

Last week you and I took a look at the new tree lights on Albany’s First Avenue downtown, but it was still light in the afternoon and the full effect was not quite visible. Here’s another look Saturday night. The lights on some 60 street trees, put… Continue reading

Wyden’s O&C bill: Too little

Sen. Ron Wyden introduced a bill to increase logging on the federal O&C lands in 18 western Oregon counties including Benton and Linn. But even if it becomes law, it won’t solve these counties’ economic and budget problems. Why not? Because it doesn’t go far… Continue reading

Thanksgiving’s over, but …

The only point here is that there’s more to Thanksgiving besides turkey, football and a big family meal. Among many other things, we have reason to be grateful for the uncrowded, open countryside near which many of us have the privilege to live. (hh)

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